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This Week in Food History - 05/22/2017

The fourth week of May, you’ll be happy to know, is National American Beer Week. The word “beer” comes from the Latin verb “bibere,” meaning “to drink.” The art of beer brewing in America dates back several centuries. 715 more words

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Moët & Chandon’s top cuvée honors the name of the person commonly referred to as the Father of Champagne: Dom Pérignon is credited by wine historians to be the creator of Champagne as we know it today, though one thing he didn’t create is the “bubbles.” 351 more words

Come quickly, I am tasting stars - Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon, a Benedictine monk  who was an important quality pioneer for Champagne wine. He pioneered a number of winemaking techniques being the first to blend grapes in such a way as to improve the quality of wines, balance one element with another in order to make a better whole, and deal with a number of their imperfections; perfecting the art of producing clear white wines from black grapes by clever manipulation of the presses; enhancing the tendency of Champagne wines to retain their natural sugar in order to naturally induce secondary fermentation in the spring; being a master at deciding when to bottle these wines in order to capture the bubble. 98 more words

A Monk's Chronicle: 24 April MMXVII -- Alcuin Library Revisited

Alcuin Library Revisited

For hundreds of years people have spoken of monks and books in the same breath.  This is largely due to Saint Benedict, who assumed that each monastery would have to begin a collection of manuscripts from the day of its foundation.   1,117 more words

Champagne myths: Dom Pérignon, the blind monk who invented Champagne

No other wine has developed a mythology around it in the same way as Champagne. It is a drink that is inextricably linked in our minds with celebration, marking important events, drunk by royalty and the aristocracy. 553 more words