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#TBT Throwback Thursday: Épernay - Capital du Champagne | France

According to Lonely Planet, Épernay is a self-proclaimed capitale du Champagne and home to many of the world’s most celebrated Champagne houses, including the famous (and much commercialised) Moët & Chandon and… 203 more words


Dom Pérignon vs iPhone

I have been most interested of late in the London Nightclub culture and i’m pretty sure that even though it’s transparent, people still are suckered into its obvious trap. 452 more words


Oscar Weekend Warrior: A New Yorker Attempts to Take on L.A.'s Starriest Season

LOS ANGELES—A few hours after the end of of the Oscars, an actress friend pulled up outside the Chateau Marmont, and after I jumped in shotgun we cut off Sunset Boulevard with a screeching hard left and ripped up Laurel Canyon Boulevard, scaling a mountain to get above the city, ears popping, and we came to a long, isolated driveway on Mulholland Drive, where a view of a thousand blinking parties burning in Los Angeles was unspooled below before us. 1,730 more words

Beyond Bubbles: The Essence of Champagne

Pop and fizz, tiny pearlescent bubbles of celebration. Another year has begun, and the drink of choice to commemorate a joyous moment of camaraderie and excitement? 594 more words


Have You Been to Budhaa Bar Nairobi Yet?

2015 will be an interesting year for Nairobi’s nightlife. With quite a number of new places opening, we have an exciting array of options to choose from. 201 more words


Walk Your Talk

I love the saying, “Walk Your Talk” as a core value. This path of personal integrity can be tough to live, especially in today’s environment. And I’m not just saying in a world where we question… 582 more words


You Stay Golden, Globes: Party-Hopping With Miley and Paris Before the Awards

LOS ANGELES—The annual over-the-top bash that W magazine throws each year here with Dom Pérignon and Cadillac—the first of a blistering stream of parties preceding the Golden Globes, the awards show that’s supposed to be an also-ran but is now incredibly important for some reason—took place Thursday at the Chateau Marmont, André Balazs’ living monument to Old Hollywood glamor, even if it was in fact constructed in the 1920s by a Jewish attorney based on little more than a photograph of a Gothic castle in the Loire. 903 more words