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she Can't Say..

she started to write an email to her Sir to apologize for what she did. she wrote 2 sentences and she deleted it, she couldn’t send it. 182 more words



I chatted with MrMcCoy for about a week. We met each other through fetlife. He was a dom in search of a sub. And I a sub in search of her dom. 1,669 more words


Trust Me

In the land of all things internet, it has been proven over and over and over the ease of consciously doing something that is untrustworthy. 367 more words


Stressed Out

Was a busy day today but it was better than yesterday. Decided that I’m going to go see my therapist again, just I get stressed out so easily and I need to know how to deal with that. 138 more words



I love when a guy calls and he says he’s into “anything” and that he loves when a woman takes control.


Eat my ass like it’s your last fucking meal and blow my strap-on you filthy little fuck toy.

Phone Sex

Najlepszy wybór rolet na lato

Spędzając upalne dni lata, w gorącym mieszkaniu, warto pomyśleć o roletach, które ochronią nas przed nadmiernym przegrzaniem pomieszczeń. Dobrze sprawdzają się rolety w jasnych barwach, które delikatnie 144 more words