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JS Questions: What's the Event Loop?

This is the eleventh in a series of posts I’m writing that aims to provide concise, understandable answers to JavaScript-related questions, helping me better understand both foundational concepts and the changing landscape of language updates, frameworks, testing tools, etc. 488 more words

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Illuminated by Night, Horizon, Journey of Life - Polskie Świece. Woski z Hurtowni Świec.

Podczas ostatnich zakupów w hurtowni świec zamówiłam tyle tyle wosków, że postanowiłam je sobie jakoś tematycznie pogrupować. Na wypróbowanie czeka pakiet wosków inspirowanych świątecznymi wypiekami, duet czekoladowy i wiele innych. 353 more words


My Visitation*** Part 1.

I lie in bed thinking of Him, my Erotic fantasies once again coming to life and throbbing between my legs.  It wasn’t so long ago that he came to me, as a sliver of lightning, panting, beneath the darkness…was this all a dream?  499 more words


08:38 am. We are still in bed. Sir is sleeping soundly next to me. My body is sore from all the fucking we’ve done yesterday. Sir woke up earlier and pushed his hard cock in my pussy, I was half asleep and wet. 82 more words

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What is the DOM? What is the shadow DOM?
The DOM is Document Object Model, where it is an underlying structure of the webpage. Includes essentially the elements of the webpage as nodes that you can manipulate. 415 more words


I can’t remember how many times Sir made me cum today. All I know is that I don’t want Him to stop fucking me.



Daily Blog


I’m not sure what the term is but I internalise my feelings rather than start a discussion and risk fucking things up. It’s what makes my sub drops worse, I know this, but I can’t help it. 157 more words