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My Service

I have realized more and more lately how I truly serve Him.

In the beginning if this journey, I used to believe I was not serving Him unless I was naked in front of Him. 214 more words


Pulling him into the dark side

I’m not sure the exact conversation where I told him I was unsatisfied with sex for years but it happened. I told him that I wasn’t into the normal ways people get their berries razzed, I heard that on Grey’s Anatomy and I wanted to use it, and I told him when I was younger I had been in a very controlled Dom and Sub relationship and that was the happiest I’d ever been with a person. 411 more words

Adult Content

Back Story

It’s been a long time since I’ve really written anything so I’m very nervous. You’ll have to forgive me if this isn’t perfect.

I guess I should start at the meeting point, I met Mr.Stark when I was 17 and I’m 23 now. 332 more words

Adult Content


Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)
“Frankfurt am Main”, 1858.


Nothing to say | Dom

I haven’t been to any MFL events for a while.

The last time I went to an event was the ALL MFL Teachmeet in October 2015 in Newcastle. 93 more words

You've been a naughty girl haven't you?

I look forward to receiving messages from Dom. He teases me, asking me a question and then saying I’ll get the next part later so I have to wait. 1,075 more words