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Room Service. Part 2

He pours two glasses of red wine from the bottle that appeared with the Room Porter. Sliding one gently across the table to me.

His eyes fixed on mine as he starts to eat from the large crisp white bowl. 1,458 more words


New Method of Punishment

she was dealing with an obsession today, she had a new method of punishment and she had a crisis. Also, she had another realization which brings her to share a secret. 2,048 more words


The preamble to my first night with R.

oh shit.

My head was thumping. ┬áNot a normal, you’ve had one too many cocktails thumping, this was something entirely different.

My hands come up to my face, touching my cheeks, moving to my forehead, trying to find some relief in my finger tips. 1,123 more words


Is the Issue Privacy or Shame

I’m pretty much out as kinky. My close friends and family know. My partner/Dom and I live together. I don’t feel a need to announce my sexuality to everyone I meet, and as I wouldn’t discuss my sex life at work – I don’t discuss my kinks or the D/s aspect of my relationship there either. 762 more words


Topping From the Bottom

Is a phrase used exclusively by Twue Subs to show that they art subbier than thou and Twue Doms who either want to make you feel as insecure as they do, or alternatively, are just trying to get you to do whatever it is they want. 452 more words


Breath Play

So John and I were goofing around with a set of velcro cuffs, when he says “why don’t I try and choke you a little bit?” 156 more words