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Selecting DOM elements by text with JavaScript

There have been instances when I needed a way to select DOM elements containing a particular text or string, but couldn’t find any nice solution for it. 503 more words


Agency and Orgasms

Today, I asked D for something that even now, sounds a bit wonky even for me. And I was the one asking! But I’ve come to realize over these last fourish years that I know what I need to heal the broken in me. 429 more words

Sienna Saint-Cyr

Alpha's Quotes: 4th installment

This is the fourth installment of the new series of humorous, witty, or common sense quotes by Alpha.

“Many Doms enjoy male-G spot stimulation, and some actually man-up to it—either way, subs service their ass.” 148 more words


They Really Beat my Ass!

It happened! Finally. My FIRST real BDSM hookup/play session with a Dom. But, this wasn’t one, but rather two Doms. The Sir who Dominated my sub ass was the submissive to the other Sir, the primary Dominant. 385 more words

Play Time

A 2 minute speaking task for everyone. | Dom

This is good fun and stops me getting bored during lessons.
I write key words of pieces of paper/post its and put them in various pockets. 76 more words

Of Dom and Chant: Benedictine Flashbacks

At present I am putting together the next edition of the monastery’s annual magazine. For this I needed to scan some images from the bound volume containing past magazines from 1924. 2,512 more words


So I have extremely low self-esteem and I have been writing a pretty good solid novel but I stopped because that’s what I’m best at; starting good novels and then abandoning them because I feel it’s pure trash. 59 more words