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Starting A Business: Naming Your New Business Venture | Venture Care

Choosing a name for your business is even more difficult than choosing a name for your child. While you don’t have to factor in things like people in your past that had that name, in-laws, and what will happen to your business on the playground, with your child, once you decide that you like the name, you’re done. 1,021 more words

Retune.com Market Place

I know it’s hard to find a decent .com domain name for your next project or a new domain name to be use as your premier website. 91 more words


Build A Consistent Identity

Over time, many things will change with your efforts at producing income, but one thing you want to remain very consistent is your identity.

When choosing a name to do business under, chose one which is unique and, if possible, catchy. 247 more words



by Bruce Goldwell, Author & Success Coach

Why register a domain name?

The right domain name is crucial on today’s internet. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your site, and nothing beats a great first impression. 297 more words

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Learning as I go

Okay folks. Thought I had this blogging thing down but apparently not. My upbeat blog, as opposed to this one which tends to be depressing can now be found at A Fresh New Life

Oops I'm still learning 

Thought I renamed this blog with a purchased d’Oman name. I didn’t. I purchased the new domain name for a different blog. You can find me there A Fresh New Life

Learning as I go

Life is a learning process, one which doesn’t end until you take your last breath. I thought I had renamed this blog domain but apparently I didn’t. 36 more words