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POEM: The Lakehouse

I have to remember how it really was

All those nights dreaming was my only escape

When I lived in the house that watched me… 48 more words

A letter to my ex

Dear Ex,
It’s been seven years since we last had contact, and today I heard that an acquaintance is living in the house we shared.  I wondered what it would be like to walk  back into that house, I wondered whether there was any sign of what happened between us in there. 945 more words


This was on my heart today.  It’s actually been on my heart a while but I wasn’t sure how to word it.

One of the things that draws abusive people into our lives, most of us anyway, is we are giving, accepting people.  1,628 more words


Eyes wide open. Eyes closed tight.

I remember the moment I met you. Meeting on 4/20 in a pet store. Ironically, drugs are the reason this story will not end in happily fucking  fairy tale where I become The Fairy Drug Mother. 708 more words


How a new brain clinic in one medical institute is helping and healing victims of domestic violence

Domestic abuse affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men. Those acts of violence lead to severe brain injury. That major injury unfortunately gets rarely diagnosed or treated. 155 more words

In Other News

• Why Complementarian Women Are Complementarian - And: When Women Enforce Complementarianism

Why Complementarian Women Are Complementarian – And: When Women Enforce Complementarianism

There are several reasons why a Christian woman might become a complementarian.

I will present a link much farther below (from Cult News site) that discusses how and why some Christian women pressure other Christian women to conform to sexist complementarian teachings. 2,141 more words

Domestic Abuse for People of Faith

by Aliyyah Zubair

(Content Warning for Partner Violence and descriptions of abuse)

An abusive marriage/situation sucks, no matter with who and how it happens. But as believers, there’s that added dimension of our faith and spirituality that can make things that little bit more tricky. 2,322 more words