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On making your voice heard...

“When they come for you
Who will there be to speak
And when they come for you
Who will there be left to speak for you?“
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Domestic abuse does not have one face.

Think of the term domestic abuse for a bit. Swirl it around in your head the way wine snobs swirl around an Italian chardonnay. What does it make you think of? 1,211 more words

Shameful Secret

I may be your friend, sister, neighbour or that smiley mother at the school gates. To the outside world everything seems ‘fine’. I drive a top range car, my lovely children go to private school and we live in a nice house. 289 more words

Domestic Abuse

Spotlighting Abuse continued

In this post I would like to revisit the topic of domestic abuse involving celebrities, but I would like to highlight a different case, this time focusing on the victim of the abuse and the way that the public eye affected her. 763 more words

Oh, Such Happy Memories

Hello. My name is Maze.

Blink has a story to tell but they’re too scared to tell it themselves, it’s very upsetting for them. So Blink will Whisper it to me and I will tell it for Blink. 399 more words

Dissociations And Fracturings And Whatnot

The Girl Who Took Her Life Back

“She became her own hero”

You met her when she was perfect. You met her when her hair was wildly flowing everywhere, when she never had the thought of neatly tucking away every strand. 341 more words

Window of Truth

by S. Montrachet

In November of 2008, I started keeping a log of my ex’s bizarre behavior and our tumultuous interactions. I thought it might be helpful to give it to his psychiatrist, who I had attempted to speak to about his behavior but was met with unhelpful diatribe about the privacy laws and his inability to speak with me about his patient’s information. 11,243 more words

Domestic Abuse