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What America’s ‘alt-right’ movement wants and what makes it different

Here is something that should scare every “non-White” person in America.  It is the rise of White Supremacist organizations.  They have been in America since 1866 when the KKK was founded.  873 more words

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Al Gore To Climate Change Activists: Don't Vote For A Third-Party Candidate [Video]

Al Gore has long been one of the highest profile climate change activists in the United States. Now he has a message for other activists to consider before casting their vote in November. 15 more words

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Louisiana Gov Tells Trump to Volunteer, Make a 'Sizable Donation' or Get the Fuck Out of His Face 

Louisiana is currently being wracked by devastating floods, damaging some 40,000 homes and leaving many thousands homeless. 13 people have died. Amidst this, malevolent squash rind Donald Trump has announced his plans to visit the state; Governor John Bel Edwards responded by telling him, politely, not to dare show his fucking face for the sole purpose of “a photo-op.” 19 more words

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Why #traingate embodies everything I hate about social media

Ah, the 21st Century. A time for cat-imagery, twit-twattery and hash-taggery. A time for Pokemon-findery, selfie-selfery and sanctimonious-dickery. A digital age in which digital people are so digitally warped into our digital selves that we are so arrogant to post digital pictures of our food and expect our digital followers to remotely give a digital shit. 1,060 more words