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When Will The Campus Left Have Its Minsky Moment?

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Jonathan V. Last comments on the untethered freakishness and authoritarianism of today’s radical student Left:

…the radicalism has migrated outward into the broader culture, too.

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New Technology Is Spreading "Superbugs"; Doctors Will Remain Unprepared

I have a piece in the health section of The Spectator, the great British magazine, about the continuing threat of so-called superbugs, drug-resistant pathogens. In a creepy twist, the latest superbug scare in the United States is due to an advanced piece of medical technology called the duodenoscope. 110 more words


Food overload

The trash gets picked up on Wednesdays in my neighborhood, so this morning I wheeled my big tote to the curb loaded down with heavy, dripping bags of rotting food from my own refrigerator. 462 more words

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The Rich Are Becoming the Rich: Education & Equality  


I remember how stressful it was, Year Twelve, university applications, imagining over and over again what would happen, what would I do with my life if I didn’t get the right marks for my course? 604 more words


House Passes ObamaCare Repeal Bill

Today the House voted on and passed a bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – also known as ObamaCare. This is the 56th attempt to end ObamaCare since it was enacted in March 2010. 509 more words

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History of the Evolution of the Flag of the Peoples' Free Democratic Republic of Koskovia, 1945-2015.

Revodna, Noon — As this year marks the 70th anniversary of the PDFRK, State Historian Vaia Trukova gives a brief explanation of the evolution of the Fatherland’s flag in her forthcoming book, “A Brief Explanation of the Evolution of the Fatherland’s Flag.” 410 more words

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The three F's of Treaty of Waitangi settlements

Kia Ora

As we approach the anniversary of New Zealand’s foundation as a British colony it is important to understand the nature of the Treaty of Waitangi… 496 more words

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