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A Less Than United Nation

The rift between rural America and urban America reached its peak when the South declared itself a separate country. Many differences were not resolved with the end of the Civil War.  498 more words

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'No' to Death Penalty but 'Yes' to Inhumane Treatment of Asylum Seekers? Make Up Your Mind Australia!


IN CASE you have been living under a rock or simply hiding from the news these past couple of weeks, here is a quick run-down on what is now known as ‘The Bali 9 Execution’. 1,628 more words


Why I Left The Libertarian Movement

At PJ Media, I reflect briefly on why I am no longer an orthodox libertarian:

I used to identify as a libertarian. There are many reasons why I no longer do so.

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Raising the Minimum Wage Rate

If we lived in a world where everyone has the right to pay whatever low rate they could manage then the least able would be paid a starvation salary. 299 more words

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House seasons

There are many ways to track the seasons, the calendar being only the most obvious and arbitrary.

I track the seasons by how my house stays warm and cool, and how I stay warm and cool in it. 328 more words

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At PJ Media, I mourn the steady death of chain bookstores:

Borders is gone, as are B. Dalton and Waldenbooks. The market was left wide open for Barnes & Noble, but they chose to downsize.

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In Which I Investigate the Clintons for Five Minutes and Find Something Fishy

Yesterday at PJ Media, I contributed in a small way to the investigation of the Clintons’ baroque and promiscuous business life:

The original Associated Press story…

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