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The decline of New Zealand media

When I was first becoming interested in politics a few years ago I had a conversation that has stayed with me since. It was about the power of the media and a concept then called information-entertainment, which is a merging of serious news such as politics, with light hearted content such as what celebrities are doing, what the latest fad is. 634 more words

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Michelle Obama Remembers Hadiya Pendleton

Petition Michelle recently appeared in Chicago to make the case for gun control. Chicago seems an appropriate choice for the venue, given that they have the highest homicide rate in the nation. 125 more words

What Constitutes "Distracted" While Driving?

What shouldn’t you be able to do while driving? At PJ Media, I consider this in light of a woman’s being ticketed for applying lip balm: 38 more words

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Nepal - Can It Compare to Switzerland, Really?

Surely, Nepal has its challenges. The many generations prior leading up to now have been the unfortunate beneficiaries of poor policies and agreements that were sealed less than a century ago with the then British India. 903 more words

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When Will The Campus Left Have Its Minsky Moment?

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Jonathan V. Last comments on the untethered freakishness and authoritarianism of today’s radical student Left:

…the radicalism has migrated outward into the broader culture, too.

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New Technology Is Spreading "Superbugs"; Doctors Will Remain Unprepared

I have a piece in the health section of The Spectator, the great British magazine, about the continuing threat of so-called superbugs, drug-resistant pathogens. In a creepy twist, the latest superbug scare in the United States is due to an advanced piece of medical technology called the duodenoscope. 110 more words

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Food overload

The trash gets picked up on Wednesdays in my neighborhood, so this morning I wheeled my big tote to the curb loaded down with heavy, dripping bags of rotting food from my own refrigerator. 462 more words

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