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Chris Wallace And The Banality Of Conservative Dishonesty

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has received widespread praise for his performance as moderator of the final presidential debate, despite repeatedly injecting right-wing framing and misinformation into his questions. 173 more words

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Mormon Mom Has An Abortion Story Donald Trump Needs To Hear 

“I had always been firmly in the category that I would die before I would abort a baby or a fetus, that was something I never saw doing, and I was disapproving of women who did so,” she said. 39 more words

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Clinton’s Misleading Debt Claims

In the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton claimed that her proposals would “not add a penny to the debt.” But a nonpartisan budget watchdog group estimates that what she has detailed thus far would add $200 billion to the debt over 10 years. 63 more words

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U.S. Calls Alleged Theft By NSA Contractor 'Breathtaking' In Longevity, Scale 

Federal prosecutors said in court documents that they plan to file Espionage Act charges against a former NSA contractor accused of stealing a huge trove of government secrets. 16 more words

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NSA contractor faces spying charges 

An NSA contractor is accused of stealing vast amounts of government secrets over a 20-year period.

NSA contractor faces spying charges – BBC News


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