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Hillary Clinton and the Audacity of Political Realism

Sanders’s belief in the plausibility of a “political revolution” is also based off a specific critique of Obama’s presidency and its approach to wielding power. In his view, Obama had it within his power to upend the rules of politics in 2008, when he was pulling record crowds and creating a new model for political organizing. 159 more words

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UN Panel: WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, ''arbitrarily detained''

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange expresses vindication over a U.N. panel’s judgment that Sweden and the UK have “arbitrarily detained” him since 2010.

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder ‘arbitrarily detained’ – CNN.com


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Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are authentically wrong

Here is a stark reality for both Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders voters: Should your candidate win the presidency, he will disappoint you. Both candidates have whipped up voter passions by offering ideologically comforting — and… 307 more words

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Cut Clinton some slack 

Why the disparate treatment? Some see sexism, which is difficult to prove. But there does seem to be a long-running game in which Clinton can never quite meet the expectations set for her, even if her actual achievements are considerable. 104 more words

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Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign 

He’s not a brave truth-teller. He’s just telling progressives what they want to hear.

Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign – The Washington Post

Yup. Although I wholeheartedly disagree with the assertion that Wall Street has undergone any meaningful reform.

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