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Michigan Population Declines for Third Year in a Row


You may not have seen this story, since it probably didn’t get much press coverage outside of Michigan and Rhode Island.  It’s appropriate that I comment, since the whole basis of my economic theory is that population growth beyond a certain point becomes economically destructive.  627 more words


Is Toyota Guilty of "Dumping?"


The linked article reports that Toyota is likely to report a loss in their 2nd half (the October 2008 – March 2009 time frame).  This begs the question:  if Toyota is selling cars at a loss, isn’t it guilty of “dumping,” the practice defined by the World Trade Organization as selling products below cost?  128 more words


Jesse Jr. under fire; Bush to bail out Detroit...

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By Tony Walther

It seems that the Blago scandal now threatens Jesse Jackson Jr., even if he may have not had any culpability in the sordid affair. 728 more words

Boycott Alabama Now!


Readers, here’s a link to a new web site by a retired auto worker.  He put up this site in response to Senator Richard Shelby, senator from Alabama and ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, who with the support of a few other southern senators, killed the assistance plan for the auto industry.  123 more words

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Time to End the War on Wages

For the past two decades or so, the federal government and the Federal Reserve have waged a relentless war on wages.  This war was a “shadow” war, a subset of the war on inflation that began with the Reagan administration in response to the soaring inflation of the ’70s.  537 more words


$350 Billion for Citigroup - Not a Penny for the Auto Industry!


The double standard and hypocrisy in Washington simply defies belief!  When the domestic auto industry, upon which one out of every ten jobs in America is directly or indirectly dependent, needs a helping hand – a mere $25 billion – to survive the financial crisis, they are forced to appear before Congress for three days of hearings and are berated, belittled, mocked and sent home without a penny – with nothing more than a demand for a “turn-around plan.”  276 more words