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the kind of stuff I get excited about nowadays...

The blinds for our bedroom windows finally arrived, and the dressers are scheduled to be delivered on Monday.

Farnely? (Farne Islands)

Three years ago I posted this about an abortive trip to Seahouses on the Northumberland Coast.

With the weather still mild for the time of year, I decided to give it another go, and this time met with success.   566 more words


Someone Will Be There Between Noon and Five

As if it isn’t fun enough when a major appliance breaks down, there’s also the added joy of waiting around for the repairman to show up. 450 more words


Billy No Mates

The mining town of Easington Colliery has had a relatively short existence, originating in 1899 when the pit shaft was sunk.  It was one of many mines along the Durham Coast; Seaham, Dawdon, Vane Tempest, Blackhall, Hawthorn… Every settlement had a coal mine. 460 more words


this is living together...

Dave is seriously my hero right now for remembering to put the trash can out at the curb. If he hadn’t, this would have been the second week in a row, and it was already quite unpleasant.

Simple matters and domestic bliss without help;how to live?

I’m always trying to get better at “life”. This time of year more then usual. I’m one of those people who get all excited about the end of summer,the falling of the leaves,the harvest etc.etc. 703 more words

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