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Screen Shots

And so ignorant myopia of my teenage self is corrected – the elements of Hexham Abbey which were of no interest to me then but which entranced me on my recent visit to the church. 355 more words


February 20th 2017 - home

We had a lovely day yesterday. We decided on a very muddy walk over the fields to a pub in the neighbouring village to see about securing a table for Sunday lunch. 711 more words

Food And Drink

A few thoughts on bringing up children with inquiring minds

As an offshoot from my tweeting about a session at the AAAS meeting, I found myself challenged: “what are some practical things you did with your sons when they were young to nurture critical thinking?” 610 more words


Memory and Misnomer

When I was a boy I sang in a church choir to a fairly high standard, and as part of that I attended residential training courses during the school holidays each summer, usually in Corbridge. 578 more words


February 17th 2017 - home

Well, that was a fun-packed week hence my lack of blogging.

Sunday was Little B’s third birthday party at The Local. Mr B and Miss P went all out for her birthday ‘rave’ with rainbow bunting, smoke machine, lasers and glow sticks. 725 more words

Food And Drink

Let it be light

The world has felt a bit overwhelming recently. Every day my news feed refreshes itself and I feel one spade deeper into disquiet. The skies here have been gray and there has been a general feeling of downtrodden timelessness. 813 more words


Q. When is an Abbey not an Abbey?

No, not a return to Finchale, but a continuation of my Hexham visit.  Hexham Abbey is the town’s crown jewel, though technically it’s a misnomer.   441 more words