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Hope Street

It might seem a little greedy to have not one, but two cathedrals that are each architectural masterpieces in the same city, but Liverpool takes it further by siting them on the same street with just half a mile between them. 489 more words


The Boys

Almost every day for the last week or so, the Boys have been coming around after work. Sometimes around 4 or 5pm, sometimes later around dinner time. 268 more words

Lillah | لله

Litoral-Leigh Underwhelmed?

Given my love for all things coastal; you’d think I’d be delighted by a place with four pubs each of which boasts a maritime name; a place with an award-winning beach; and a place with a reputation for the quality of its seafood (no, not plaice!) 493 more words

A Photogenic World

Dark Times

Perhaps I was suffering from a degree of geographic confusion arising from the sea being to my west rather than my beloved east coast, though more likely it was the mental clouding arising from having been made redundant from my training job less than an hour previously, but in either event my usual sense of direction deserted me in Heysham and I walked as shown here.   567 more words


August 16th 2017 - home

We decided last night that Sorrento isn’t going to happen this year. What with the flights shifting up in price, the cost of the, albeit gorgeous, accommodation I’d found and the fact that Mr P is learning to drive and therefore shelling out quite a bit for the lessons, it’s just not realistic for 2017. 622 more words

The Famalam

Cultural Imperialism.

When I was a child my family didn’t take holidays.  My father owned a business and found it hard to relinquish control, even for a few days, which is why when my friend Derek Taylor told me he was going to Bridlington each year I imagined something exotic. 507 more words


Getting Noticed

Is it time for another lighthouse?

Flamborough Head’s position protruding into the North Sea makes it a natural location for providing guidance to passing shipping and transmitting messages along the coast, so the site may have been in use this way for nearly 2000 years.   397 more words