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Little Architect

This was supposed to be summer vacation. This was supposed to be the summer Sprout learned how to be bored on her own, and come up with marvelous things to do. 347 more words


five things I never thought I'd learn from a man

Occasionally the male of the species still has the capacity to surprise.  In a good way.

Here are five things I’ve learned from a man: 535 more words

Things That Make You Go Hummm


It is more or less half way through the Anghiari Festival, certainly the hottest I can remember, the quality, as always, tip-top.  Picking highlights would inevitably mean that other performances might fall into the shadows, but, in terms of composition, I have to say that the Saint-Saens… 274 more words


welcome to the blah blah blog

Since it is too soon into our pregnancy to comfortably disclose the occupation in my uterus, and I have alot of thoughts about this pregnancy rattling around in my head, I am going to deposit them here. 131 more words

1st Trimester

Uncle Josh Solves a Problem

We really need to do something about clutter. Mail is a major contributor to clutter, and it tends to fall in geological sheets on horizontal surfaces, only not so stable. 221 more words


Throwing it all out.

A friend and former housemate of mine here in Canberra starting doing something highly inspirational as we were moving out of our shared abode. He started throwing everything that he didn’t need out. 457 more words

The Human Brain

Ben's Birth Story Continued

When they wheeled me off the elevator on the Labor and Delivery floor, I started having a contraction.  I was holding my stomach with one hand and gripping the wheelchair with the other while taking short, fast breaths.   606 more words