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this is living together...

Dave is seriously my hero right now for remembering to put the trash can out at the curb. If he hadn’t, this would have been the second week in a row, and it was already quite unpleasant.

Simple matters and domestic bliss without help;how to live?

I’m always trying to get better at “life”. This time of year more then usual. I’m one of those people who get all excited about the end of summer,the falling of the leaves,the harvest etc.etc. 703 more words

On The Shelf


Sir David Attenborough found himself in a bit of hot water last week, water being the nub of the problem.  He presented two programmes on BBC Radio that examined the possibility that the reasons we are so different to the other apes (bipedal, hairless, larger brains) was a result of evolutionary adaptations to an aquatic environment.   524 more words


simply glorious 

I finally have the bathtub I’ve always dreamed of.

This bubble bath is my reward for running 2.5 miles without stopping. Go, Jenn, go! Woot!

Frutti di Bosco (Allen Banks II)

It’s impossible to say which is my favourite gelato flavour; the artisan producers of Italy can create delights from a vast range of ingredients (it is the only country where sales of the hand-made product exceed the mass-produced).   378 more words


No spending doesn’t mean no satisfaction

September is, hands down, my favorite month. It’s my birthday month, school starts back, fresh office supplies hit the shelves and the weather simply couldn’t be more perfect. 770 more words

Domestic Bliss

Falls & Bridges (Allen Banks I)

After last week’s post about Wallington, I’m in another National Trust location, but one that underlines the points I made about conservation and land management above and beyond the “Big House”.   587 more words

National Trust