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Refuse explorer

New Yorker reject #??? Of the ten I submitted back in February I thought this was one of the strongest. A few more to go…


The living room

Here’s another New Yorker leftover. Throw enough mud at the wall and perhaps something will eventually stick. :)


Having a Lough (Hadrian's Wall part 2)

Day two of my intention to create a decent image by shooting something that I’d properly conceived.  Still I thought of shooting the sunset in Crag Lough.   666 more words



As some of you may know, in a feat of monumental stupidity, I’ve managed to totally bollocks my ribs. I use the term ‘bollocks’ advisedly as apparently they don’t x-ray to see if they’re cracked anymore coz the treatment’s the same if they’re merely bruised – pop a co-codamol and have a long hard think about what you’ve done. 195 more words

Rainy day haiku

​Rain awakens thought:

That which is under the seat

Can also get wet.


6 August, 2016

Work out. Rest. Clean. Shopping. House decorating. Rest. Baking. Work. Dinner. Fun work.

How I would like all of my Saturdays to be!

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