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Boxes, tape and a dread responsibility

This isn’t an easy post to write. Every aspect of it goes against my better nature – and my worst nature too.

It concerns an action that I’m not proud of, one that I will never repeat, a deed which has left me sick to the stomach, questioning my core values and reassessing my life’s direction. 467 more words

Cormac Looney

Pear Porridge

This is a tasty snack for a hungry baby moving from milk to more solid food. You can substitute apple for pear if you like. 322 more words


The Inevitable Plastic Explosion

Today began in idyllic fashion. Shortly after my wife left for work, the baby was asleep in my lap, I had a cup of coffee by my side and I was happily reading about the Chilcot Report and… 311 more words



It’s probably one of the reasons. Sorry for the lengthy absence. I wish I could say I’ve been busy drawing cartoons for The New Yorker, but I haven’t. 11 more words


Linda Nightingale to the Rescue

I am currently (or finally if you ask him) dating a German man. While it’s true that Germans aren’t known the world over for their romantic side, I feel that this is something that should be rectified. 814 more words


It's a Cat's Life (1957)

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Institution: Archive.org
Collection: Prelinger Archives

Running time: 10m 57s
Source film:  16mm; color; sound
Year: ca. 1957
Director: Emily Benton Frith
Production: Frith Films; Cinesound (sound) 557 more words