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Glutton for Punishment

One of the advantages of living on your own is the freedom to indulge in whims.

This why only a couple of weeks after my unsuccessful attempt to find a beautiful sunrise over a frost covered Whitby I was setting my alarm for another 5.45 start, this time to try the coastal hamlet of Staithes. 373 more words

A Photogenic World

January 28th 2017 - home

Mr P is finally making the prawn curry which we were supposed to have for dinner on Thursday. He was late home that night so I had toast. 441 more words

The Famalam

The Little Chef

Amber’s latest hobby is cooking.

She’s helping the Lovely Melanie prepare our meals every day, and she’s pretty darn good at it, too.

Whether it’s casseroles and pies, chips or mash, salads or cakes, she’s really enjoying getting stuck in, trying anything the Lovely Melanie will let her and learning very very fast. 91 more words


On A Cold & Frosty Morning

Stepping away from the heat generated by my last post and into the cold of a wintry Yorkshire, I returned to the town of Whitby in the hope of shooting a beautiful sunrise over the headland where the Abbey ruins are silhouetted. 443 more words

A Photogenic World

January 18th 2017 - home

Here’s a weird thing that I don’t really understand, Sometimes, if I’ve forgotten to make my lunch for work or haven’t been arsed, I’ll stop off at Starbucks on my way to work and grab something. 398 more words

Food And Drink


I can’t really talk about this with anyone IRL because everyone knows everyone else… but this rage has to be quenched or it will spill over… 153 more words


Housewife woes...

Don’t get it, why do I always have so many things to wash every morning… this is considered light load 😢

Housewife = eternal dish washer

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