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Thinking, out-thinking, thinking again then action!

Knitting progress has been slow lately. And it shouldn’t be, because I’ve started commuting daily again. Knitting on buses isn’t quite as peaceful as knitting on trains but I’ll not look a gifted horse in the mouth. 420 more words


Absence is something I’ll get to know over the coming weeks, for this weekend I’ll be away with the Parliament Choir and Southbank Sinfonia in France, and shortly thereafter I’ll be off in turn to Italy, my first visit of the year to Anghiari, and then to Yorkshire.  397 more words


Kookybite Innovation #12

SeizeControl ® Covert Subtitle Activator & Volume Control

Are you fed up asking your remote-hogging partner for the subtitles to be turned on when watching tv, only to be told subtitles ruin everything? 148 more words

Cookie Bite Hearing Loss

Monster Mash - an 100-word Story

I hate the way you eat your mashed potatoes. It sets my teeth on edge when I hear your teeth hit and then scrape the spoon as you pull it back out of your mouth. 66 more words

Flash Fiction

I’ve always had this dream of being a homesteader. A very specific dream it is, too – I can picture myself standing at the stove, a homemade loaf of bread baking in the oven, the warm scent mixing with that of something I’m cooking on the stove (the something changes with every recipe I save and print, from salsa to granola, peanut butter, yogurt, almond milk, veggie paninis,  everything homemade and from scratch and a lot of things I didn’t even realize… 718 more words


190: Cottage

Thick old, solid stone, grey as Father Time’s beard, topped with a thatched short back and sides. Square leaded windows look yonder, and see the haywain stalled after the heavy rains. 99 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily


I’ve had a cleaner on and off since I was maybe 19 or 20 years old and it’s always made me  a little uncomfortable. Perhaps because I come from a lower-middle class to middle class background and it feels like something rich people do, who knows? 303 more words