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Gatesville NY*

You know you’re in a town with a bit of history when you see street names ending in “gate”. In Durham there’s Framwellgate, Milburngate, Crossgate and Gilesgate for example. 589 more words


Flexible Garage

My husband’s answer to “…but you have to keep it in the garage”.

And yes, I’m tearing the beds apart.


RiekAlt Easter egg hunt 


We told the kids that if they didn’t find all the eggs Zombie Jesus would take them back to his cave. Best parents ever, right??


Sea and Land

Back in my younger days my inner nerd was satisfied by hours spent on Sunday afternoons playing Dungeons & Dragons (coincidentally with the same George Mitchell mentioned in my last Merseyside post). 592 more words


Honey I’m Home

“How was your day today?”

absent minded perfunctory inquiry

“Pretty good-

Kinda interesting actually.

I was kidnapped by naked

wolf-nymphs and forced

to guzzle moonbeamshine… 43 more words


Continuing my exploration of the long exposure technique with another lighthouse – sort of.

I’ve come to the mouth of the Tyne where lights are in abundance.   577 more words


I'll cop to that

These are the things I’ll admit to doing when my helper is on her (much deserved) annual holiday.

– I’ll put clean clothes straight out of the washing machine into a baking dish in order to stash them somewhere clean so I can hang them up “later” 97 more words