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#SatSpanks She felt the ribbon of her drawers loosen...

Time for Saturdays Spankings! I love the heart paddles in the new SatSpanks pic. So cute!

Anyway, today I’m sharing from my recently released book… 248 more words

Historical Fiction

the workshop

“Kaye, come here.”

Kaye cringed at the tone of Sir’s voice. He did not sound happy. She hurried down the hall. Sir stood in the doorway, glaring at her. 1,440 more words

Domestic Discipline

the first time...

I’ve never been shy…but the first time Sir told me to masturbate while he watched, I was nervous. Nervous! After 25 years of marriage? But I was. 668 more words

Domestic Discipline

my smart mouth...

I’m tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable way to sleep. Even lying on my stomach doesn’t bring me any comfort.

As I try to sleep, my mind replays the events of this evening. 1,307 more words

Domestic Discipline

scene 1 act...naughtly

At first, it was exciting… this new venture of DD. Every thought, every word, every touch. Just a glance from my husband and I was a puddle. 443 more words

Domestic Discipline

jumping in with both feet

Welcome to my new blog. Please leave lots of comments and suggestions. I will be chronicling my husband and my journey as we embark on a Domestic Discipline based marriage. 1,232 more words

Domestic Discipline

#SatSpanks "Bend over the table and lift your skirts"

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. For today’s excerpt, I’m grabbing something from my book The Submissive Suffragette, which is a very naughty book–so naughty, in fact, that it has been spending time in Bethany’s Woodshed. 163 more words

Historical Fiction