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Good news! The audiobook of Handling Susannah has gone live. For a limited time, I’m giving away codes to download the book for free. Reviews highly appreciated but not required. 54 more words


Greetings! Today I’m sharing another excerpt from Justice, Roughly, which is part of the Hero Undercover anthology. There’s a little bit of something for everyone when it comes to the spankings in this novella. 361 more words


Haruka and Michiru's Long Night

Haruka knew she was in trouble.

Michiru typically reserved her icy glare for Youma and anyone who interrupted her violin practices.

Tonight, however, the stare that could make even the most intimidating, tentacle-ridden monster cower in fear pierced Haruka’s heart. 1,001 more words

Domestic Discipline

Driving in my car

One of the many things I love about the D/s blogging community is finding new bloggers to enjoy. Last week I came across a new website called, … 790 more words


by psychogurl -- Jumping To Conclusions Can Be Painful

Judy is angry with her boyfriend so decides to do the things that will most upset him — dress suggestively and smoke weed.  When he finds out, and she turns bratty, he knows just how to deal with her. 3,775 more words


Spanking in hospital 

Dave and mary anne or mia as he called her had been maried for a couple years. They had two kids. They were both from a strict religious background. 1,075 more words

Domestic Discipline

Family jail 

Greg was from a strict family. He was very strict himself. He was traditional and very religious. He farther had been a corrections officer. To say his farther ran a tight ship was an understatement. 995 more words

Domestic Discipline