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Domestic Discipline - My Thoughts

I have a wonderful compilation of stories coming out in two volumes in the next couple of months called Honor and Obey from Blushing Books. They are all about couples who’ve had difficult relationships and are heading for divorce or an end to their romance. 1,264 more words


The Democratic Subversive Truth based on the Logos of Democratic Party

Many Chocolates’, Caramels’, Butterscotch, Honeys’ flavored (basically, African Americans, Latin’s, Indians, etc., and people that love them or show Ahavah to them that are Democrat) individuals don’t know the logos of the Democratic Party because there not educated on this political party from it’s origin, thereby they’ve become the deceived. 68 more words


Confessions of a Sinful Submissive

Forgive me my Sir, for I have sinned. I’ve forgotten to do my chores today, received a speeding ticket for going fifteen miles over the speed limit and masturbated in the office bathroom at lunch. 1,186 more words


In case of an emergency...

… apply liberally.

Off High Street, down a narrow twisted cobbled alley barely wide enough for a pony trap, a turquoise door propped open beckoned the footsore weary tourist with the promise of an adventure.

917 more words

Justify my shame

We all have addictive personalities to some extent. It used to be thought that addiction was a moral failing found most often in the lower classes. 294 more words


My Special Guest - Alyssa Bailey

Happy Sunday! I have yet another wonderful guest today. Are you ready for more hotness? She has a wonderful trilogy and this is the last in the series. 1,141 more words


Taken in Hand by the Wayne Men

It’s John Wayne day on TMC. We watched McClintock for the umpteenth time. Two of our favorite spanking scenes in films. Any scene with Maureen O’Hara getting spanked is worth watching. 30 more words