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The Cowboy: Montana Men Book II

For Emily Winston, leaving her old life as her aunt’s ward to become a male order bride in Montana constitutes a much-needed fresh start. But among the baggage she’s hauling on her way to meet her new husband is a dark secret. 281 more words


Crashing Down

Kennedy rubbed her temples with her thumbs, her headache slowly growing into a full blown migraine. Even the sound of  the door opening was painful to her, as it had an annoying creak to it. 1,415 more words

An Offense and Second Thoughts (Part II)

Last time we saw our heroes (you’ll have to forgive me–I’m watching a superhero cartoon with my children as I type this), Jeremiah had just told Adrienne that he felt that spanking wives was wrong even in play because “it could lead to abuse.” 328 more words


I'm a Cuddling Addict (and I think I know why)

First of all, I’d just like to tell the internet that I’m sick. I have a terrible head cold, chest congestion, sore throat and can’t stop blowing my nose. 808 more words

Domestic Discipline

The Easter Bunny came to call..... and so did Peeps

This was quite the week for me. Daddy’s youngest came to stay with us for Easter break. Typical of most teenagers, they spent the majority of the stay holed up in their room….surfacing only for food. 662 more words


To Love & Obey

Not all rules are made to be broken…

A Domestic Discipline love story

Erotic Novels

Just Caning

Mojí nejoblíbenější praktikou je výprask rákoskou. Jde o pěkný tradiční nástroj, který mají všichni spojený s přísnou výchovou, zejména ze školního prostředí. Dlouho jsem hledal nějaké zajímavé F/M video, které by uspokojovalo moje touhy, až jsem jedno našel. 163 more words