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Talk Back

Don’t talk back. Discuss, yes. But never talk back in a flippant or rude manner. Consequences will be immediate. Let me demonstrate. I said, “Do you know where my good shirt is?” You responded with, “How the hell should I know?”  This is unacceptable. 106 more words


10 things I'm Grateful for (the Dominant)

  1.  Her love.
  2. Her trust
  3. Her understanding
  4. Her respect
  5. He willingness to try new things
  6. Her acceptance of my hand
  7. He pride in wearing my mark…
  8. 17 more words

The Thanksgiving Fantasy

I’m sitting in the car on the way to my family gathering, without my submissive. It’s times like these I fantasize about hosting our own holiday together. 225 more words



While my Daddy and I don’t play with rope too often, I have some nice images to share of a time we did. She knows I love it, the feeling of being restrained, the way well-knotted rope clings to my skin. 92 more words



Lidé, kteří na spankingové scéně pohybují již nějakou tu dobu, si jistě vzpomenou, že zde kdysi existoval institut jménem OWK (Other World Kingdom). 382 more words

Kelly Dawson - The Code of the West

I have Kelly Dawson visiting today and she’s brought along her latest spanking romance, a Western – The Code of the West.  If you fancy a stern, handsome cowboy, look no further. 822 more words

Guest Post

Six Months and Counting...and Counting...

“But I wasn’t being bad…” She said peering intently outside where absolutely nothing was happening on the decrepit tennis courts…

“I know that honey” I said gently. 1,108 more words