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Are The UK Greens This Looney? Hydrogen For Cooking?

The following is a posting from the UK Telegraph by Christopher Booker.  He pretty well summarizes the inanity of this proposal to replace natural gas (primarily methane) with hydrogen.  407 more words


EPA Says "No" To Logic---- Just Wants To Show Leadership?

It is hard to imagine that there is a more out of control unit of the Federal Government than the EPA. The EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy seems impervious to logic. 263 more words


Greens Want To Kill Fracking By Slashing, Already Minor, Methane Emissions

Paul Driessen’s posting covers a lot of territory. He talks about the new “big” issue, methane (CH4) in the atmosphere and the future of (or perhaps the non-future of)   1,278 more words


Mr President, You Owe American An Apology.

Rebloging a posting from Oilpro.com titled “Mr. President, you owe America an apology. We did drill our way to $2 gas.”  

The President has done about everything imaginable to make the price we pay for energy skyrocket. 819 more words

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EPA Chief Provides Non-Answer To Reporter.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 7, 2016. The event was focused on the “threat” of climate change. 540 more words


Why Not Make North America, the New Middle East?

Several years ago, a study done by the Manhattan Institute titled “ Unleashing the North American Energy Colossus: Hydrocarbons Can Fuel Growth and Prosperity”, by Mark P Mills pointed out that we have the capability to replace the Middle East as the major source of crude oil.   691 more words

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TransCanada sues U.S. for $15B for stopping Keystone XL

TransCanada filed a lawsuit on Wednesday claiming President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline exceeded his power under the U.S. Constitution. The company is seeking $15 billion in damages stemming from the president’s decision. 196 more words

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