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Jay Leno Wants To Ban Ethanol In Gasoline

Jay Leno says that putting ethanol in gasoline results in fires in older model automobiles.   As many of you know, Leno is a collector of classic… 692 more words

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Potential Shutdowns Of Fracking Wells Looms--But Not Caused By Low OPEC Prices

Some of the Texas and North Dakota fracking oil wells were thought to not be profitable at the low crude oil prices that Saudi Arabia had engineered. 468 more words

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Peak Oil Not A Near-Term Threat

Peak Oil is that point in time when the world runs out of new finds of oil and from that point on,  oil becomes more scarce and more costly. 98 more words

Fossil Fuels

Low & Zero Carbon (LZC) Energy Technologies & New-Build Housing: The Importance of Including Householders

Recent and forthcoming amendments to the Building Regulations in England and Wales will necessitate an increasing reliance on low and zero carbon (LZC) energy technologies in new homes to meet tougher carbon dioxide (CO2) emission standards; this will have an impact on those that design, build, regulate and live in new homes. 924 more words


Why Haven't We All Starved To Death?

All engineers and scientist should be skeptics.  Most engineers are because if they build a bridge or an automobile, or what ever, it better work right away.   147 more words


“Drill Baby Drill”.   Does The President Think We Don’t Remember What He Said?

President Obama has made it nearly impossible to access off-shore and Federal Lands for oil and natural gas development. See here and here. He campaigned in 2012 (He always is campaigning— he is much better at that than governing) saying that “Drill Baby Drill” was an empty slogan which would have no effect on crude oil prices. 497 more words


Why Are Crude Oil Prices Falling? And Will We Regret It?

Saudi Arabia is a major producer and seller of crude oil as well as the unelected leader of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Saudi has, in the past, adjusted its production (and thus sale of crude oil) to keep the price… 825 more words

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