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Making it Happen!

Yesterday morning I awakened to torrential rain. It can be incredibly soothing to watch and listen to, but most importantly, it was much needed. We need it to plant new grass and we need it for our plants to survive. 478 more words


Oh Mr Wu - what did you do?

I am writing this after having had a couple of ” drinkies” with Rita this afternoon.  She hasn’t been well lately and so I popped over to see how she was.  1,296 more words

Domestic Goddesses: Some Women Are...

I am definitely NOT!

Look at the desperate joy on this poor woman’s face! God love her, she’s probably well away on the Prozac! And, to be blunt, who the hell wears a frou-frou blouse to clean the rancid u-bend? 858 more words

Creative Writing

#Micropoetry Monday: Family Dynamics

Mom’s goulash fed the dog, the plants,
& sometimes the boy with synesthesia next door.
Now Ida Claire knew why Dad was always drunk before dinner. 113 more words

More cleaning

I don’t know what has come over me, but I found myself at a laundromat this afternoon washing two doonas that I had swapped over months ago for the warmer winter ones. 366 more words


Road Trip

Well that’s it!  Summer is practically over and I am off on my road trip.  I cant wait… I think!  I usually have a bit of a melt down before I go and threaten to cancel everything. 496 more words

I Would Make A Great Housewife

I would make a great housewife
You know me, with the sunny attitude
A Domestic Goddess sans the heels
But, I still do all my chores in the nude