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Pretty Girl Disclaimer: Let us NOT enter the judgement zone. Beauty is a matter of observation where ones preference is not determined by the opinions of others.

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Makeup Artist

Christmadan Party

Nope… not a spelling error!  We had a lovely Christmadan Party this weekend!

What is it?  Easy!  It’s a Christmas Party held in Ramadan.  It’s not as disrespectful as it sounds! 276 more words


Marguerite Patten: Domestic Goddess of the Austerity Era

I’ve been using the term ‘Domestic Goddess’ to mean a whole range of attributes from skill in the home; through a connection with ‘old fashioned’ tasks and activities; to the patina of accomplishment and polish which the likes of Nigella seem to have lent to it. 705 more words

Chronicles of a Domestic Goddess: Hostess Edition - Memo 01

The key to being a great hostess is having a trick or two up your sleeve. It’s about impressing guests with your arsenal of perfected and memorized recipes. 299 more words


Bake-off Recipe: Kelloggs Cornflakes Chewy Macaroons Cookies

The thing about baking is that it is actually quite well, satisfying. Regardless if my product actually turned out just “mehh’.

OKlah, maybe I am biased because I find that preparing food and cooking is therapeutic, so yeah. 458 more words

Domestic Goddess

Cake loves you. Cake cares.

“But how am I going to eat cake if my head is over there, but my hands are over here?”
– Marie Antoinette.

Ladies and gentleman, that is the GENUINE, bonafide cake quote from Marie Antoinette – none of this “Let them eat cake” untruth (did you know that she never uttered those words?).

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A Kitchen Poem

Carla Lamont has kindly given permission to post one of the poems from her collection The Body Banquet. “I am Nigella Lawson” can be found on page three. 149 more words

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