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Forget it! I am not being a domestic goddess this Christmas 

How are your Christmas preparations coming on?

I have got myself into a financial stew in the past, buying people presents I couldn’t afford on my credit card and feeling an underlying anxiety about the whole thing. 315 more words

General And Rants

Adventures with pork

When I first moved to Saudi Arabia I tried to be a vegetarian for a little while, I even toyed with veganism before finally settling for being a pescatarian.  1,122 more words


C'mon Over

My fiesty fun friend burst through the front door with cheers and hugs and an armful of flowers. She turned the corner and stopped short: … 702 more words

I'm calling yoooooouuuuu

I lost a large part of the night to Nelson Eddie calling Jeanette McDonald – a solo bird calling in search of a mate; an Australian Love Call, so to speak. 466 more words


My Communist Friend

I have just read an email from Jonathan asking me not to be ” so trite”. He says he is ashamed of me and to smarten up… 950 more words

Dinner Party Menus

Emergency Car Kit

Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve found myself becoming more and more forgetful, and I don’t just mean forgot my coffee. I’m talking “I-get-halfway-out-of-my-lane-and-I-have-to-pause-to-make-sure-I-remembered-both-babies” forgetful… 410 more words


My latest knitting accomplishments

Just wanted to share some of my latest (finished) knitting projects!
click on the links to be taken to the patterns on Ravelry

Cheer Up… 48 more words