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The Momma Show

There’s this Filipino saying that goes “nakakawala ng pagod” which roughly translates to “takes away tiredness” and often refers to babies/children.

When I was pregnant, other parents would always tell me what a blessing my baby was and how it’s hard work, but it’s truly… 324 more words

Monday, March 20th, 2017

9.00am – It is the most beautiful Spring morning outside my window – sun’s shining, birds chirping, fresh air wafting in through the tilted Velux window….life is good. 214 more words

A Day In The Life Of This Slogger

Monday, March 13th, 2017

10.28am – I’m dying for a day of faffing around, doing nothing. I really want to go to Cornwall, too. Perhaps St. Ives. Pretty much anywhere mentioned in a Dorothy Sayers novel would also do it for me. 347 more words

A Day In The Life Of This Slogger

FO: Maypole Hat

Well, WordPress is trying to confuse me. They’ve done some sort of update or rehash of their site and now all the tools that were on the left are on the right. 437 more words

Hand Knitting

My Everest

I remember the night before my 6th standard maths test. The first time I felt a terror so deep, I felt paralysed. That same dread has revisited me at various points in my life. 601 more words

Pancake Day Yummy-ness!!

I wonder how many hundreds of blog posts have been published in the last 24hrs about pancakes?!  A fair few I would imagine.  I know my reader is full of them.   1,132 more words



Upon pressing ‘send’ with quivering finger and
re-writing one’s future with an
email of resignation,
a thorough hoovering of the stairs and landing
on hands and knees, 134 more words