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#Micropoetry Monday: Family Dynamics

Mom’s goulash fed the dog, the plants,
& sometimes the boy with synesthesia next door.
Now Ida Claire knew why Dad was always drunk before dinner. 113 more words

More cleaning

I don’t know what has come over me, but I found myself at a laundromat this afternoon washing two doonas that I had swapped over months ago for the warmer winter ones. 366 more words


Road Trip

Well that’s it!  Summer is practically over and I am off on my road trip.  I cant wait… I think!  I usually have a bit of a melt down before I go and threaten to cancel everything. 496 more words

I Would Make A Great Housewife

I would make a great housewife
You know me, with the sunny attitude
A Domestic Goddess sans the heels
But, I still do all my chores in the nude


The reward for being a good little domestic Goddess.

It was a weekend of cleaning for me. The cleaning illness hit me on Friday and continued through till the end of Sunday. I cleaned the car inside and out; I cleaned the garage because I couldn’t bear to put my clean car back into a messy space; I cleaned dogs because I wasn’t going to let dirty dogs sleep in my clean bed; I cleaned clothes because one needs clothes to wear; I cleaned toilets and bathrooms because they had reached the stage where even I was revolted; I dusted because every time I moved something I had to put it back into the same spot or the thickness of the dust was too obvious; I polished the mirrors because………..well, because you do………… and I cleaned floors. 121 more words


We're jammin', we're jammin', we're jammin' 

It’s a wee bit early for jam making, but I wasn’t really too sure what else to do with these 2 punnets of blackcurrants. Of course, I had to eat some and that meant less than the 300 grams they started out. 61 more words


Recipe: Roast Chicken with pancetta

Ok, this one is a no-brainer. Always, it’s super quick to prepare and is delicious. 197 more words