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Monday- A Day in the Life of ME - writer, mom, wife, cosplayer, volunteer, ...

The goal is to start writing by 8 a.m, at the latest, but it’s noon and I’m just now putting my fingers on the keyboard. … 1,077 more words


In the Kitchen with Flamingo Dancer; and tomorrow is another day

36C temp today, but thanks to the assistance of air conditioning I managed to prepare meals for the next three nights. All Mr FD has to do is pop the dishes in the oven at the appropriate time and we shall feast like kings. 305 more words


Pumpkin Bread

After a wonderful Friday perusing pumpkins with my dear friend Charlotte (fellow Fall enthusiast and sole reason my daughter did not plummet off a hay bail for the sake of a good photo) I have good news! 315 more words


Ugh, bin night again

One of the worst domestic jobs has to be taking out the bin on bin night, don’t you think? Well, behind laundry anyway!  The problem is that by the time I remember to do it, it’s late and nine times out of ten I’ve already had a shower and am in my PJs.   77 more words


Numerology - Life Path 6

Life Path: 6

If you have a Life Path number of 6, or a first initial starting with F, O or X – this is for you! 540 more words


My Brush With Post Partum Depression

Baby coos, toothless smiles, squeals of delight. These are all things that bring joy (typically) to everyone who witnesses them, but sometimes no matter what, you can’t bring yourself to smile. 1,382 more words


How To Put Away The Washing In Ten Easy Steps...

Step One: Look at the clothes horse and sigh. 

Step Two: *Phone beeps* Check Phone. *20 minutes later*

Step Three: Remove tops / trousers / pillow cases, “fold” them, and put them on a chair. 98 more words