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Judas and Jezabel: The Tales of a New York Nanny by C.Y.Brown (Book Review 37)

This is a domestic story about a not so happy, wealthy family. Sharon and Connor do not get along, and divorce is the only way. However, it comes with a price on both ends without hesitating to understand the psychological complications they cause towards their child and the poor nanny taking care of the kid. 65 more words

Book Review

So It Is Written, So It Is Done

I seldom write about my state, Mississippi……basically nothing of interest happens too often….but I do like their politics.  A Bible Belt conservative state that elects those people that do the most damage to the state……in essence a cultural wasteland. 483 more words


Just another NRA Terrorist Attack

If you’ve followed TrueStory and/or read some of my work you would see this coming.  Today in Orlando Florida, a disgruntled worker walked into his old job and killed people.   362 more words



I was in my room to distract myself from all of the grief at the loss of Babusya. I had my meteorological screens on with the TV on. 414 more words


Victory over Putin

In the French election, they tried to do everything they can to make Marie Le Pen President. This is classic Putin behavior, I think everyone in the United States knows how the Russians influenced our election with the hacking of emails and personal documents on the internet. 134 more words

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Congress: Get your shit straight

Last week Congress passed a one week spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. The democrats are saying if there is any bill that comes up doing with Obamacare they will not vote on the spending bill that is due this Friday to keep the government open. 188 more words


My views on the Death Penalty/ Kenneth Williams

For some reason, last night’s execution of Kenneth Williams impacted me. Now this was supposed to be the punishment for Marlow, and he was going to be executed the same way but instead of taking years of appeals it was going to happen with in a week due to the fact that Indiana’s. 336 more words

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