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Has The Social Contract Run It's Course?

I have been writing about American politics almost as long as I have been writing on international stuff and all that time I have not seen the level of apathy from the American voter as we are witnessing these days. 371 more words


What Do You Fear The Most?

I am always fascinated by what we Americans choose to fear……according to some blogs it is creeping socialism (this from a people that have NO idea what socialism is) or possibly the refugees, then there are the immigrants that are stealing thousands of American jobs….or possibly a liberal or for that matter a conservative….my point being is that we Americans are always finding something to fear and the media does its best to feed whatever fear that may be…… 283 more words


Take This Crap And Shove It!

I read this piece over at my friend at “The Militant Negro” and found it a fascinating turn of situations…..

It appears that Americans are abandoning a sinking ship more quickly than normal….Americans are giving up their citizenship….but why? 112 more words


ignorance is bliss

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So what do you do when you have to undergo a medical treatment, and that too the mother of all treatments and you have good two weeks to prep yourself? 392 more words


dumb plots

So I’m listening to this old song, like over and over and over:

All Cried Out as performed by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force… 501 more words

Rambling Nonsense

It is a Family Thing

I have a relative that…decided to rant or vent about the state of the world and that… well you can read it yourself. My comments are in blue. 1,494 more words

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Clinton Crushes It

The first debate was the Hillary and Bernie Show, and Hillary received top billing. Not only was Hillary Clinton on the receiving end of the night’s biggest gift — her rival, Bernie Sanders, declaring it time for people to shut up about her email scandal — she also delivered some of the evening’s most stinging retorts.

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Barack Obama