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President Who Speaks with Forked Tongue

“Man who speaks with forked tongue” has been attributed to how the Native American Indians described the White man throughout history. It describes a person who says one thing but means the very opposite. 811 more words


Justice Kennedy's Retirement and the SCOTUS Nominees

On June 27, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, with Kennedy, had five conservative justices and four liberal justices. 673 more words

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Scott Pruitt Wasn’t Corrupt Enough for Trumpistan

If you’re going to act like a local warlord, you’ve got to go big. Petty corruption is harder to excuse than bold piratical plundering.

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Is It Possible for Korea to Go to Round of 16 in Russia World Cup?

It seems impossible for South Korea to go to Round of 16 in Russia World Cup. The South Korean soccer team has already lost against Sweden and Mexico. 300 more words

International Issues

Missing In Gang-jin

It is entering the eighth day of the disappearance of a high school girl in Gangjin. However, no trace has been found yet. A high school girl living in Gangjin-gun disappeared after she sent her friend a text message saying that she would introduce her part-time job from her father’s friend on June 16. 188 more words

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BLACKPINK, one of the top K-POP girl groups, has come back with the album ‘Square Up’. There are four members, Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo. The comeback has been a big issue because it happened after a year of hiatus. 190 more words

Domestic Issues

Liberty Korea Party Knelt Down

On July 15, the Liberty Korea Party lawmakers knelt down again and apologized. The leader, Kim Sung Tae, has apologized after an emergency meeting on the National Assembly. 219 more words

Domestic Issues