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The Orwellian Re-Branding of "Mass Surveillance" as Merely "Bulk Collection" - The Intercept

Most Americans Right or Left is concerned about the programs the government has to get our information……NSA is doing pretty well at their program of “bulk collection”………in other words they will spy on us mere mortal Americans in the name of national security…..but they must be politically correct so mass surveillance becomes bulk collection……but read it for yourself……. 50 more words


Your Week in Review (Feb. 27- Mar. 6)

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe definitively proves that global warming is a hoax

Well guys, I was wrong. Here I was this time last week, soapboxing on about how undeniable the science behind climate change is undeniable, when unbeknownst to me, over on Capitol Hill, James Mountain Inhofe had actually proved me wrong a day earlier. 590 more words

Domestic Issues

Sunday Dinner

So I┬áhad an idea for a series of blog posts…since I post a lot of recipe/food related stuff, I was thinking maybe I will try to post one every week? 451 more words

Domestic Issues

2014 Autopsy: Dem Style

Remember the GOP autopsy after they were handed their ass in the 2012 general election…..they went about saying that they had mucked it up and that they would have more outreach to women, Hispanics, African-American, youth, on and on…..and so far they have done NOTHING but double down on the losing issues from the past…..like abortions, trickle down economics, voting, immigration….nothing new just the same stale policies from the pst….some of them from the ’50’s. 293 more words


grasshopper pie

In the early eighties, my mom used to make it a lot. I’m not sure if it was a popular dessert then, or if my mom just liked it. 183 more words

Rambling Nonsense

Oklahoma's US History Law is a Disgusting Shame of National Proportions

An issue overshadowed in the news of late has been the ongoing fight in some states over the teaching of AP US History in the wake of College Board’s issuing of a set of national standards for the course to follow, culminating in the recent adoption by the Oklahoma State House of Representatives of… 853 more words

Domestic Issues

a snow day making dumplings

I love all kinds of Asian food. Well, okay, I love all kinds of food, period, but Asian food has a sort of special quality. 574 more words

Dear Diary...