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Judas and Jezabel: The Tales of a New York Nanny by C.Y.Brown (Book Review 37)

This is a domestic story about a not so happy, wealthy family. Sharon and Connor do not get along, and divorce is the only way. However, it comes with a price on both ends without hesitating to understand the psychological complications they cause towards their child and the poor nanny taking care of the kid. 65 more words

Jeyran Main

An Evaluation of the Healthcare System

On Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz went on CNN to have a debate on the Affordable Care Act and how we ought to fix our healthcare system moving forward. 2,770 more words

Affordable Care Act

A Girl Stuck In Her Mind

By: Jackie Schane

At times, stress can get to the best of us. That’s why we run. At times, we have a hard day; we are sad and frustrated, feeling lonely and tired. 740 more words


I'm a Liberal Snowflake

I had a post all ready about the Women’s March, with pictures and links and deep thoughts about it and everything. But after this week’s political events, I think a shorter, simpler post is better. 252 more words

Dear Diary...


Dancing with Ghosts is a New Adult Novel that tells the story of Patricia, a young girl struggling with her own personal demons after moving from a small town to the big city of Toronto for her first year of university. 195 more words


Barack Hussein Obama II, 44th President of the United States—how good must we be to gain their respect? :: Christian Fabien

Christian Fabien

January 12, 2017

If Barack Obama doesn’t represent the end of respectability politics, nothing does.

If the way that man dropped his middle name and lost all accent and did limbo—drinking in Irish pubs and eating sloppy joes and casseroles and killing Muslims and keeping the military industrial complex’s wars and not taking Billy John’s guns; toning down his own swag and terrorist fist bumps, no longer brushing off his shoulder—did nothing to make whyte America feel safe, there’s no argument to be made for appeasing the boogey men in the minds of whyte folks. 805 more words


"The Metrics of Black Wealth" Guest: Dr. William A. (“Sandy”) Darity, Jr., Ph.D.

OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham
“The Metrics of Black Wealth”
Guest: Dr. William A. (“Sandy”) Darity, Jr., Ph.D.
December 17, 2016 :: LIVE :: 10 pm EST… 530 more words