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This Shadow Government Agency Is Scarier Than the NSA

The internet is full on conspiracy theories of this governmental agency or that agency that is controlling our lives…….we have already seen just how involved a group like NSA is spying on us……we also have heard about these shadowy groups that are in control…..the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Free Masons, etc, etc…….but is there really some shadowy group that we should be afraid of……a group that is always keeping us under their watchful eyes? 29 more words



Prologue: Since my last post was an old piece written about my daughter, in the spirit of equal time, I offer this about my son, also written many years ago. 958 more words


The following piece was written 17 years ago, the summer after my daughter graduated from high school and is dedicated to my two nieces, each of whom have recently celebrated the graduation of their youngest child. 1,202 more words


spring flowers and fun

Nothing very important to say today. I’ve been doing much better on my latest project: almost done with the draft!! I’m very happy about that, as this has been a tough one for me. 308 more words

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The Question Of Marriage

All the rage on Twitter, in blogs and in the news is the question of marriage…..most notably that of same sex marriage.  But all this back and forth, the proclamations of doom and the sheer amount of lunacy around the subject. 674 more words


America's never been safer. So why are Republicans convinced it's in mortal peril? - Vox

With the recent debate on the intel gathering technique of the collection of meta-data I started thinking….is the US safe?  I mean really safe?

Do you think we are a safer nation because of all the collection of private data? 76 more words