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My October, Day 2 -- renewing my driver license

Mr. O has a flex day from work today (yay!) so I have extra help in the morning. He took care of the boys’ morning routine while I took care of breakfast. 156 more words


In preparation

It hit 36 degrees today and it was glorious! I’m a fan of the hot weather and whilst most gripe in the heat, I thrive.  But today we spent most of it indoors, getting the house ready for tomorrow’s epic showdown between the Hawks and the Eagles. 222 more words


September Madness

Last days of summer

Just like its counterpart six months ago, I feel like September has its own Madness tournament, though there’s no basketball involved. Instead, the tournament brackets are something like “School,” “Work,” “Extracurricular,” and “Other.” The month starts with tens of items on the calendar — school shopping, yearly photos, school meet and greet, first days of school, first television shows, meetings at church, first day at church, first day of Sunday school, checks due to X, Y, and Z, back-to-school night, school picnic, church picnic, first day of gymnastics, work deadlines X, Y, and Z … well, you get the picture. 183 more words


A Walk in Their shoes

I took the opportunity when invited to walk to support the folks who are sworn to protect and serve.

Camden Delaware Police Department

Thanks to the organizers for setting up the walk. 23 more words

Domestic Life

Experiencing Eastfield Village

Mr Hiwell, the Young Mr and I ventured out to Nassau, New York this weekend to be part of Founders Day Celebration at Eastfield Village. The gents were part of the 1833 militia muster, while I traveled out intending to interpret tailoring with Mr JS, and to provide meals for the militia. 753 more words

Living History

The Purple Dragon Strikes Again

Thursday, September 17th 2015

After a year of taking the car to & from school (on account of ClaraJane being too young for the bus), now that she is FOUR the kids are stoked for the SCHOOL BUS.   194 more words


April’s Guide to Packing Lunch for Kids

So your little one started school last week and mixed in with the emotion and sheer impossibility of it all – just yesterday he was a little baby you had to swaddle and nurse and change – comes the anxiety of packing daily lunches. 403 more words

Domestic Life