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At Rise: Dental Rules

Friday, November 17th 2017

At Rise: Mom is driving kids -Girl 6, Boy 9-to dentist.

Mom: OK remember you guys, no eating for a half hour after your appointment. 27 more words


Why I love the NHS

It’s been another one of ‘those’ weeks. Sophia woke up with a temperature on Saturday, and all our plans for the weekend vanished in a puff of smoke. 1,210 more words

Domestic Life

At Rise: Favorites

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Boy:  I love you so much!

Mom:  I love you so much too!  And furthermore… *pfffft.*  That’s how you know you’re my favorite; because I save my farts for your bed. 117 more words


New iPhone Sample Movie

Monday, November 13th 2017

Yesterday my phone took a swan dive to its final demise. I seem particularly talented at dropping and breaking cell phones. Especially for a juggler. 128 more words


Flamly Hubsand

Sunday, November 12th 2017

I awake this Sunday morning to find Dear Hubsand GONE.  I was alarmed because I have a gig in a few hours but I know he’ll be back in time to be bitten by our Ankle Biters.  161 more words


How resilient are you?

By Caitlin Kelly

I found this recent New York Times story interesting, which offers several specific tips on how to build your resilience:

Much of the scientific research on resilience — our ability to bounce back from adversity — has focused on how to build resilience in children.

689 more words

When life gets in the way

Wow, it’s been three weeks since I last blogged, which must be one of the longest times ever between posts, unless I’ve just had a baby. 515 more words

Domestic Life