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Hoboin' at the Hubbards

Friday, February 24th 2017

Winter getaway to invade our friends’ home in New Hampshire!

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This week’s Handy Hint might be especially useful for those of you who wear glasses. It’s taken from Home Hints for the Modern Housewife,  published in London by Featherstone Press Ltd in the 1940s.   23 more words


At Rise: UGH

Thurs. Feb. 23rd 2017

At Rise:  The O’s are pulled over in the car polishing off some emergency road-side sandwiches.

BOY:  UUUU-GH!!  Can’t we get back on the ROAD already!??! 39 more words


At Rise: Another Word

Thurs., Feb 23rd 2017

At Rise:  The O’s are driving in the car.

MOM:  They should have another word that’s not just for when you’re angry from not having enough access to food. 81 more words


How To Paint-Clean a Sink by ClaraJane

February 21st 2017

Instructional Video by ClaraJane:  How to Paint/Clean a Sink

2017-02-21 HOW TO PAINT CLEAN A SINK by ClaraJane [:59]:

Now you know.


Winter Weekend at El Rancho

Feb 19th 2017

Weekend with Auntie Liz, Granpda Pops and cousins Zachary & Olivia in Plymouth!


Thanks for coming Grandpa Pops!


Kudos to the Pre-Tech Moms

Much is made of the negative sides of the internet and smartphones in the parenting world. Mothers of previous generations have consistently told me they do not at all envy us younger women when it comes to figuring out how to do this parenting gig. 560 more words