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I had appetizers and a couple of beers last night with a woman who cushioned the blow of an awful summer three-years ago.  I hadn’t seen her in 3-years and she lives three-hours west of my town these days.   596 more words


Help me spread this Word!

I’m on a mission to try to spread the Word of God to every man, woman, and child on this Earth. However, I’m also on a mission to try to get Christians who are already saved, to actually read and know the written Word they say they belong to. 471 more words

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Microwave envy

Back-to-school shopping, a.k.a off-to-college shopping, continues to proceed nicely here. After I picked M up from work today, we stopped by Walmart to get him twin XL sheets and some more underwear and socks. 357 more words

Domestic Life

Ten days in Maine...

By Caitlin Kelly

If you’ve never been to Maine, go!

As the furthest northeastern state in the U.S. with only a few regional airports, it’s probably not high on the list of Europeans or Canadians on their first-ever visit to the U.S. 554 more words


Taking it to the Bank

Friday, July 24 2015

With her new Tattoo tips, some birthday money, marble money (earned around the house), *brother’s* marble money that he didn’t want (!), three loose dollars she charmed from my purse, and a pile of quarters abandoned by her brother on one of their toy shelves… Baby Girl collected $40 dollah!   337 more words


Fulfilling its destiny

Last month E was rummaging around in the kitchen utensil drawer, pulled out a small, clean, plastic ashtray, and asked why it was in there.  My explanation that it had been in the house when I bought the place, and I just never got around to getting rid of it, sounded pretty pathetic even to me.  242 more words

Domestic Life

22 July 2015. A Blast from the Russian-American (and Jewish) Past… Swee-Touch-Nee Tea




It seemed like many Jewish and Russian-American families had the familiar red tin. The name is an attempt at translating “flowery”… you can still get it on Amazon, I think. 336 more words