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I got new ear phones! And they're red!!!

Hiya Guys,

Yes! The rumours are true; I just purchased a super loud red earphone for my android phone.

Its soooo rad

But like every awesome experience, there is always a not so awesome beginning. 249 more words



It only took 2 years almost to the day. I was illegally evicted from my home and my child was snatched from me by his mentally unstable father. 475 more words


The Choice

So I have made some new facebook friends. Loving their clever posts and witty comments. Then see they are anti vaxers….. Ugh…

From Hungry Girl to Drama Queen

Hiya people of Earth!!!

Its Mannie again….(laughing, cos’ who else would it be, right?)

So you know how I told you my annoying little sister went to spend the week with our super rich cousins in the good side of Nigeria; Well, now she’s back and even harder to love. 178 more words


My programming teacher hates me!!!

Hiya Guys,

Happy wednesday !!!

Oh wait I take that back. It was more like a crappy Wednesday for me.

Here’s why I say so. 318 more words


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The bedroom stains breathe and thrive
On shimmering streaks of air.
Each new luminous morning, starting to smell
The flames of the day.

The mirror, tucked away in a quiet nook… 179 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

Oh no! my grandma thinks I'm a seer

hiya Royal Pancakes

Not to be a Garfield cliche but I freakin’ hate Mondays. And today’s events just made me hate it even more…

So my grandmother who lives very far visited my mum and I today, since we were the only ones at home. 247 more words