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Sunday Matinée

I have mentioned earlier this week, that women were missing in the representation  of arts at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. On the stained glass windows and the frescoes on the second floor, that is. 218 more words


A Day In Inertia, Suburbia

A young mother wakes to the nagging sound of her alarm. For privacy sake, we’ll call her Margret. The cat is asleep on her face. After a small battle with the semi-feral feline, she gets out of bed. 550 more words


A Death in the Family

In her memoir of growing up in the village of Moss Side, near Manchester, at the start of the twentieth century, Margaret Penn focused on everyday life: the tittle tattle of neighbours, the interiors of working people’s homes and, of course, the drama of family ties. 1,087 more words


Magic Ballet Backgammon Day

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Some days it’s even more amazing to live in the People’s Republic of Cambridge than others.  And on this day when congress is vetting the first of the Orangutan-elect’s revolting cabinet picks (e.g.; a notorious racist for Attorney General), I gallivanted around town with nary a political thought when I wasn’t sparring online. 375 more words


Money: getting/spending/saving it

By Caitlin Kelly

One of my pleasures is enjoying culture — and yes, it costs money!

A friend recently saw an ATM receipt that left her gobsmacked — $139,000 — in the hands of a young woman, maybe in her 20s. 812 more words


Women do more housework: Does that mean they're less fulfilled than men?

Are women’s minds more restricted than men’s because women do more stuff around the home?

I recently caught an interesting article by TIME Money titled, “ 318 more words

CircusKitchen: TIME+MONEY

January 2017

Another index-in-progress tool for my own use in an effort to anticipate demands on the two most omni-present and pervasive parameters on our lives:   210 more words