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How's your Saturday going?

By Caitlin Kelly

On the balcony, in my white cotton nightie — visible only to the low-flying prop planes and helicopters and assorted birds — listening to reggae on WKCR, the radio station of Columbia University. 116 more words


Room with an inside view

As promised, here are a view glimpses at our recent efforts to enhance our flat.

Actually, that cabbage picture fits perfect behind the dining table. Good to know, it’s not just looking stylish, but was grown by myself and tasted really nice. 124 more words

Domestic Life

On writing and the written

The number of New Microsoft Office Word Documents on my desktop has become quite bewildering. These are thoughts, just scrawled, if not in a hurry, in some sort of an urgency such that some important aspects and hooks don’t get unremembered. 1,831 more words

Nearly done

What started with a new settee (I reported) ended up with overhauling the entire flat. It all sounds rather easy. Paint all rooms, have new flooring everywhere. 527 more words

What Happens When I DIY... Self-Sabotage Edition

Shannon wrote a few weeks back about how when she DIYs, it’s a form of self-care. More power to her! But as we know, each mama is different, and it got me thinking about what happens when  1,063 more words


Sometimes I'm Mean-Mean Mommy... But That's Actually Okay

My mother-in-law always described the dynamic in my husband’s house when he was growing up, as “mean-mean mommy and fun-fun Daddy.” I don’t think I have to do too much explaining about what she meant here. 711 more words