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Michelle Obama Mandated School Lunch Goes From Bad To Worse...

Yuck… but hey, the school says it’s compliant with Michelle’s dictates.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – That’s not really a fish filet with a whole wheat bun resting on top. 160 more words


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They may meet the standards but they also set the standards so they always meet the standards even if you would die if you tried to live off what they serve!


IWB: “More than half of some 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military and nearly as many are unhappy in their jobs, despite a six-year, $287 million campaign to make troops more optimistic and resilient, findings obtained by USA TODAY show. 152 more words


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This will not turn out good!

CONNECTING THE DOTS: Marxism on Display in Obama's Pentagon

A story has hit the headlines that shows Marxism in operation.  It is the story about how Obama’s Pentagon is telling the U.S. Military that the Bible, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are ‘sexist.’  This is actually true — but only to the Marxist mind, and it is well known that the Marxist mind is unstable.  667 more words


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The Media And Hillary Become A Parody Unto Themselves.....

Have they no shame?

Do they know the majority of America is laughing at them?


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What an embarrassment!

Malik Shabazz Calls For Shooting Back At Police Because “We Are At War”...

Some folks might want to consider exiting the eastern part of South Carolina prior to Memorial Day weekend this year…

(South Carolina) “This is much bigger than Walter Scott, but this is the last straw,” Shabazz said. 213 more words

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So the militant backs have declared war on the whites now! This is crazy and the fault of Obama and Holder!

Intellectual tyranny--Thomas Sowell discusses

Here at junkscience.com it’s a damn lucky thing we aren’t offerred a lot of money to change our opinions. 214 more words

Scientific Method

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Sowell is almost always right on but Milloy make a good point about the current situation and the funding. In a perfect world the Scientists would police themselves but the lure of money has destroyed science as it once was. The people living in the country now only what free things and the intellectuals are no better wanting grant money to enhance their status. The politicians wanting power give both groups what they desire and there is only one way this can end! Lets hope there is a rebirth of freedom sometime not to distant from now.

Lucifer, Salesman of the Year

“Isn’t this the most gorgeous day we’ve had all year?” I asked The Devil as I put my feet up on the front porch railing and sipped my Snapple. 640 more words


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We can end the day with some Humor --- we need it since Hillary Howled out her Hobble for the white House today.