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Did President Obama improve race relations in the U.S.?

Lemme let Pac bust first. RIP. Also RIP to Eric J. Grant, my high school homie who dropped the intel that some Gardena-Compton Southside Crips knocked Pac down on Monday. 480 more words

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BBC tells it like it is about President-elect Donald Trump's right-hand man

Gee wiz. Thank you BBC News for the simple insight excerpted below. Since Harvard University’s status in getting the upper hand on #Russia lies almost Cambridge-squarely within a 36-year-old’s domain, I am rather jazzed. 132 more words

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Is George Will a reporter or a genius?

Listen, folks. I’m a fan of George Will the columnist more so than Allah’s will – or Nas of Ill Will, but we’ll just let that rest – in ways than President-elect Trump, Rep. 132 more words

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Why the Burkini is central to who we are

From Brexit to the Burkini furore, there has been much talk this year from the fringes of “taking our culture back”. And though it may have calmed slightly in the last few months, I’m not sure I have. 1,425 more words

The 401K – The Pension Crisis Coming Your Way 2017

Armstrong Economics Blog/Pension Crisis

Re-Posted Jan 4, 2017 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Martin,

A few weeks ago (12/13/2016) my wife received a notice from her company about changes to her 401K and I thought I was in a Kafka film. 546 more words

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The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy

In reading The Great Suppression by Zachary Roth, it was hard to believe that the novel was only written in eight months.  The research and references were thorough, and the writing was not just for an academic audience.  276 more words

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Who says California is not innovative?

The Los Angeles Times’ brilliant byline Patrick McGreevy practically became a Russian political scientist advising President Putin with the due diligence it takes to spew out all the new laws taking in effect in California.  209 more words

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