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The GOPe Plan If You Remove Donald Trump....

As the weeks go by it is becoming increasingly apparent that a profound disconnect exists amid a very large portion of the current year electorate regarding the goals and objectives of the apparatus we call the GOPe. 1,907 more words

Media Bias

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The Tea Party (anyone that believes in the Constitution) has two enemies the Democrat Progressive Left (DPL) and the GOPe (the RNC establishment) which are really only one enemy as the GOPe and the DPL really make one party since they ALL want to be “rulers” and create an American oligarchy (Ruling Cass) that I was call the ARC. In the current race for the presidency the ARC have 3 enemies: Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz and the ARC along with their stogies in the media will do everything they can to destroy these three candidates. The GOPe will even support democrats (and they have in the past) to ensure that no Tea Party candidate can win. It is imperative that we do not let any ARC candidate (all of them besides the Trump, Carson Cruz team) win the Republican nomination and since Trump is now the defacto candidate, and he is the one most likely to do what is right, we must support him no matter how hard the ARC tries to destroy him. Ideally Carson and Cruz would drop out and support Trump, that would totally destroy the Humming bird plan.

Morning Consult National Poll - Donald Trump Commanding Lead 31%...

  • Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz TOTAL = 49%
  • Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Chris Christie TOTAL = 31%

Morning Consult Poll… 84 more words

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So Trump is at 31% and all of the GOPe candidates are, in total, also at 31% (average 6% each) and the media is asking trump when he is going to drop out since he is losing ground? What am I missing here?

*Updated* CNN's Jake Tapper Caught Misleading and Displaying Anti-Trump Bias on Twitter...

UPDATE:  Today (10/7/15) Via Twitter Jake Tapper responded to questioning. Update at bottom.

Jake Tapper was a good White House correspondent when he was working for ABC news.  149 more words

Media Bias

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Of course they cherry pick how else could they get the questions that they ask? That is why CNN is where it is and others are much higher, for if Fox doesn't straighten out they will lose there ratings as well as they have turned against Trump as well. What Trump needs to do now is have a million base ball caps made in a lot of colors that say Make America Great Again. and then give them away every place he goes. You would soon see them everywhere.

Desperate Fox Punditry, and Establishment GOPe Advocates, Jump Shark on Trump "Eminent Domain" Comments...

The latest round of attacks aimed toward Donald Trump can only reasonably be considered divinely inspired fails.

OMG Donald Trump Supports Eminent Domain!!

[ *NOTE* Watch closely who picks up on this attack approach and you’ll identify an even larger number of the GOPe deceivers than were visible before. 523 more words

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A well thought out argument and right on, as indicated the only gray are is take property from a private owner and giving it to another private owner because it would generate more tax revenue. That is over the line without doubt but that is also not technically “eminent domain” either. If we use the "common Good" argument then there is also "no limit" to what the government can do as long as they claim its for the common good. Since the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was designed to "lmit" power the "common good" argument is on weak ground at best.

Donald Trump CNN Morning Interview: "I'm Not Going Anywhere - I'm Going To Win"...

Chris Cuomo @18:30 plays the “when are you getting out” game.

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Trump goes from 25% to 35% and Carly goes from 5% to 10% and Trump is asked when he is dropping out because Carly is gaining on him? So next time Trump is 45% and Carly is 15% and then the next time trump is 55% and Carly 25% and the last one is Trump is 65% and Carly is 35% so who won? And that wold be considered a landslide victory BTW.

New Hampshire Straw Poll - Candidate Donald Trump 39%, Ben Carson 19%...

The Rockingham County Republican Committee conducted a straw poll of 585 visitors to their booth at the Deerfield Fair this past weekend:

Despite multiple polling results reflecting a similar outcome the GOPe continue to advance a more favorable narrative toward Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina.  325 more words

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If you would listen to the news: cable, TV, social media or radio you would get the impression that Trump is almost done and will be dropping out soon. Yet we see results like these with Trump way in the lead. I have listened to several of his speeches and he does a good job of connecting with the people; way beyond what any other candidate can or is capable of. We need him so I hope his numbers stay high. Here is an idea for him. He should start having his base ball caps made in quantities and he should start giving them away at his rallies or any other place he goes. Just think what the media would do if all they saw across the entire country were Thump caps with "Make America Great Again" on it. White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, every color all over the country!

Jeb Bush and His "Pedigree" - "Thanks Matt"....

HatTip iOTW – Here’s a brief snippet from a Jeb Bush interview.  Watch at the :04 second mark for what makes Jeb! smile, perk up and say “Thanks Matt”: 93 more words

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There is no way the citizens will vote for Jeb Bush --- get is everything we dislike in politics and then some. The Hummingbird strategy will not work and the RNC will never understand why. If the RNC doesn't make what they try doing to Trump to obvious then Trump will be the candidate. If they find a way to block him then the Republican party will split and then all bets are off.