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Thoughts on the Trump Phenomenon

Can Trump be the 2016 Republican candidate?

If you weren’t aware of Donald’s Trump recent bid for the Republic Nomination for the White House, and the controversy that has ensued, prepare yourself. 608 more words

2016 Presidential Race

If Eurosceptics live in a bubble... it will burst

When we insulate ourselves in an intellectual comfort zone we feel safe and life instantly becomes easier; we don’t have to challenge ourselves by considering that we might be wrong and we don’t have to stretch ourselves intellectually. 1,654 more words

Domestic Politics

An Actuarial Look At The Closing Pace of GOP Presidential Politics - Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz, and Prefers Bernie Sanders?......

Most of you knew this was going to be a wild ride. Heck, many knew back in June 2015 when candidate Donald Trump entered the race this was going to be unlike anything we’d ever seen.  508 more words

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Trump stands out and all the rest fall by the rod side. Its becoming more and more clear that Trump has outsmarted all of them.

What Happens When You Put Kambree and Defending U.S.A. Together?...

…. you get a whole lot of awesome !

@DefendingUSA + @KamVTV = AWESOME

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Kambree speaks for most, maybe all of us, that support Trump. It would seem that if you live in DC or you are one of the elite you have no clue what the people think.

The Insurgency Has Only Just Begun - We Absorb Vilification and Ridicule As Fuel...

“What so frightens the conservative movement about Trump’s success is that he reveals just how thin the support for their ideas really is. His campaign is a rebuke to their institutions. 323 more words

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Trump has listened to us and hears our concerns as we see our country being destroyed before our eyes. We the hated vulgarians are the one that built the country not the politicians who have built nothing and taken everything. Trump will be attacked by both sides as long and as hard as they can and they have all the money in the world. Keep the faith and don't let the elitists win for that will be we are slaves again and the would be a slap in the face to the founders. Who gave everything to give us our God even freedom.

I -The Market Solution: A soft landing

This is Part I in a series of V – to read the Market Solution proposal in full go here

In seeking to achieve a… 712 more words

Domestic Politics

The Tenuous Legacy of President Obama


As the second term of our forty-fourth president enters its final year, President Barack Obama continues his attempts to fight off lame­duck status in an effort to protect his policies and legacy… 1,013 more words

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