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Disparate Impact - Too Many Black Students Suspended Leads Oakland Schools to Stop Punishment Completely...

When a corrections system focuses entirely on equality of outcome; and when the administrators of the policy are wilfully blind (in that they never addresses the source behavior); and when the non-compliant variables within the system refuse to modify behavior – the only administrative option left is to remove the consequence. 289 more words

Media Bias

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I guess they should just be allowed to do anything they want, its only fair! Then after everything collapses we can rebuild it again!

Kentucky Sheriff on Police Shooting: Thank God He Shot A White Guy...

Clearly unstable bad guy steals a truck then leads a city police car on a chase.  Bad guy then pulls over, reverses and rams police officer and vehicle, takes off again.  116 more words

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Its sad that we have to say these kind of things today!

Baltimore State Attorney Mosby Announces New "Jobs Instead of Convictions" Program....

It should be noted the program relates to “non-violent drug felons”; the key aspect being the definition of “violent”. As Marilyn Mosby and all of the Baltimore officials have noted, arson, looting and destruction of property is considered “non-violent”. 291 more words

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I wonder how many times you will be able to get in this program and have your records expunged if it doesn't work the first time?

Why the NSA “Reform” the House Just Passed Changes Nothing

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Two days ago on May 13, the US House of Representatives voted 338 to 88 in favor of passing H.R. 2048, also known by the cynical name the “USA Freedom Act.” According to the House Judiciary Committee’s… 613 more words

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Is Make In India a Game Changer?

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Prime Minister Modi’s campaign Make In India was launched on September 24 of last year with the aim of reducing red tape, encouraging foreign direct investment (FDI), and growing India as a cheap global manufacturing center. 475 more words

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A few models wandered over the pause...

Dana Nuccitelli has written a defence of climate models, in which he appears to claim that a few models randomly replicating the pause should be considered evidence that climate modelling is producing valid results. 512 more words

Climate News

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It is my understand that all these projections are based on economic projections first and then CO2 second assuming a CO2 release based on those projections. So this is really not a CO2 driven system but an economic driven system. That is what gives so many different outcomes. I'm not even sure this is science it seems to be more a study of social system.