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Question 14: What was the real reason for the leap in the number of people on benefits during the 1990s?

The fundamental, unanswerable fact is that the huge rise in the number of people forced onto a benefit for periods of their working life is because of the inability of the government or their “free market” to create sufficient work. 744 more words

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Question 13: Isn't it necessary for there to be a big gap between benefit levels and wages to encourage people to get jobs?

This ignores the reality that during the decades of the 1960s and 70s benefits were higher than they are today relative to the average wage, yet the numbers on any sort of benefit other than for old age was tiny. 286 more words

Living Wage Campaign

Hon. Paula Bennett, Minister of Hypocrisy

When it comes to hypocrisy, this must surely be  contender for the Double Standard of The Year…

I’m not surprised that “Bennet did not return calls”. 208 more words

The Body Politic

Welfare Reform - let's figure this s#!t out

So, not sure if you’ve figured out, but I’m pretty political. I was having a discussion with @vikutoooria on Twitter (@swagosaurusrex was involved to, sort of) about Welfare Reform, so I thought I’d throw in a few thoughts on the matter. 821 more words

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New Zealand's new CS options

Child Support the world over is subject to a variety of formulae regarding how much should be paid. Sometimes these formulae are complex, sometimes simple; sometimes the amount is onerous but rarely is it a trifle. 1,951 more words

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Susan St John: reply to Lindsay Mitchell

This is a copy of a letter sent to the Herald today by Dr Susan St John, Associate Professor in Economics at University of Auckland and economics advisor to the… 216 more words

Child Poverty Action Group

Plans to get solo parents to work will backfire

The government has plans to get solo parents to work part time when their children reach school age.

The Domestic Purposes Benefit gives welfare payments to solo parents, and encourages women to get pregnant because babies mean money. 233 more words

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