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It’s Not Where You Live, It’s When You Lived There (Warning – Some Material May Be Seen as Law-Nerdy)

Plummer v. Plummer, S18G0146, January 22, 2019, Supreme Court of Georgia

Father and Mother lived in Georgia and were divorced in Georgia, and the Georgia court decided custody.  370 more words


In re A.V.T.-A.

The court granted a mother’s petition to change her 7-year-old daughter’s surname to include the name of the girl’s stepfather. The daughter’s current surname is a hyphenation of her mother’s maiden name and her biological father’s surname. 107 more words


Garza v. Garza (U)

The circuit court’s equitable distribution ruling was largely correct, but it erred in awarding the wife both a 50-percent share of the husband’s Thrift Savings Plan and a monetary award from a residence the husband purchased after the separation, which amounted to a “double dip” into the account proceeds. 108 more words


McGinnis v. McGinnis (P)

The circuit court lacked authority in awarding a divorcing wife a lump sum award of $150,000 in “equitable restitution.”

Circuit courts are limited to the authority granted to them by statute. 67 more words


Eberhardt v. Eberhardt (U)

Divorcing parties intended for an early 2017 agreement to be a comprehensive resolution of all the matters presented in this case. A Roth IRA was not addressed by the parties’ agreement, so the circuit court erred by dividing it between the parties. 75 more words


Yafi v. Stafford Dep't of Soc. Servs. (P)

The Department of Social Services wasn’t required to try to reunite a toddler with his father before terminating parental rights after the father’s conviction for felony child abuse against the toddler’s 4-year-old brother. 216 more words


Nelson v. Middlesex Dep't of Soc. Servs. (P)

The appellants are the biological grandparents of two children, siblings adopted by another couple. The circuit court did not err in denying their request to re-opening the adoption case. 147 more words