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Expat life and domestic staff: from the outside looking in.

This week a friend of mine who is not an expat, has never been an expat and probably never will be an expat, asked me a question about one of the topics I cover in my book. 921 more words




Mrs Okafor is very angry right now,  because according to her, her husband won’t stop interfering in domestic affairs. She says her husband undermines her authority in front of their maid, which is probably contributing to the maid’s insolence towards her. 281 more words


Why I don't have a househelp...and why you shouldn't

I hate sterotypes, strongly, maybe because I am a victim myself. There is a sport I cannot play, the sport of generalising, of using a one-size-fits-all approach to matters. 604 more words

Relationship Matters

No Domestic Staff Please–I’m A Socialist

Whilst staying In Oman, I lived at a B&B which was run by a Swedish woman. She employed a resident housekeeper (Filipino).  I paid her housekeeper extra to do my laundry. 351 more words


Putting A Stop To Child Abuse By Domestic Staff.

Good morning dearest ones.

I am shivering all over as I write this post. My heart grieves at the wicked nature some of us possess. I cannot comprehend why a woman or anybody else for that matter would brutally maltreat a child left in their care. 599 more words

Healthy Habits

The Power of Service: Making Tangible What Is Intangible

On April 15th at the Frentani Congress Center in downtown Rome, students from all over the world gathered for the 24th annual Incontro Romano Congress… 1,020 more words

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