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Forgiveness Prayer (Healing to be FREE)

While waiting for my son’s baseball game to begin in this nasty weather I sat with my iPad hoping to drum up a post.

and I waited  …  and waited  …  and nothing ‘inspired’ me. 463 more words


Danger and Violence

No Resting Place: Violence At Home & Violence In The Streets

The month of March has long been recognized as Women’s History Month. Domestic violence continues to pose a clear and present danger for women and girls. 913 more words

Press Releases

Escaping abuse in the digital age

The digital age makes it easier than ever for abusers to stalk, harass, and keep tabs on their victims. One of the easiest ways is through your phone. 862 more words


What do you know about emotional abuse? Pt. 1

Physical abuse is awful. It’s horrible to see your own battered body and know that you had no power to stop it from happening. It’s embarrassing when others it. 749 more words


Each in OUR Time (Healing Days 28 & 29)

Yesterday I was all set to put out a simple post that showed this amazing ‘affirmation’ I received from a friend.

Not just ‘angels’ but ‘archangels’! 421 more words


BayWoof Magazine Featured an Article on the W.O.M.A.N. Inc. 2015 Pet Calendar!

Unleashing our Love: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Pets

Featured article by Mariya Taher

As the companion of an English Mastiff named Celery, I understand the special bond created between people and their furry friends, especially in times of struggle. 713 more words

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