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The Catch 22 of healing and the narrative of survivorship

My life centers around empowerment. Empowering young children, empowering survivors wherever they lie on the gender spectrum. Even in overcoming my own struggles I have been called “chingona” and “strong.” However, some days I am not strong. 443 more words


Love is good 

“Though the useful is not always good, the good is always useful. Good is not only good, but reproductive of good.”

The difference between infatuation and love in definition, are very simple to tell apart, but when it’s being lived, the lines start to blur. 479 more words

Why We See Teens Bullying & Acting Out?

October is dedicated to preventing bullying and domestic violence. However, as a psychotherapist who treats teenagers these two issues are related to a number of other teen issues. 1,008 more words

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The Dangers Of "It's Not Your Fault"

I’ve been taking a break from blogging for the past week.  I read an article that really challenged how I viewed the healing process.

The advocates and counselors have great intentions, but there is one lie that I believe keeps us from the true healing we seek. 960 more words


#OctPoWriMo Day Twenty Two Prompt: Dangerous Men Only Need A Closed Door

He says he loves you in light of friends

but treats you like shit when the lights are off

You say he isn’t dangerous, but his sins… 316 more words

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