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How Do I Tell My Daughter...?

How do I tell my daughter the difference between boys and girls?

How do I tell my daughter about sex?

How do I tell my daughter about the hierarchy of gender? 1,260 more words

Conversations With My Daughter

There is the tendency in Ukraine not to publicize, but to hide the problem of family violence by suppression of the real information, by ignoring the appeals of women, suffer from the family violence, by making the procedure of processing the appeals and making decisions at the special structures very complicated. 46 more words

Women Against Violence

Increasing Reports of Rape and Sexual Violence by Armed and Uniformed Men In The Donbass Region of Ukraine

There have also been increasing reports of rape and sexual violence by armed and uniformed men in the Donbass region of Ukraine. A report by the UN in December last year stated that there are “undocumented reports of high levels of sexual violence in the conflict area, which require substantiation and medical, psychosocial, and legal redress.” 132 more words

Women Against Violence

Violence against women comprises at least 90% of reported cases of violence in Ukraine, yet it is estimated that only 1 in 4 women who have been victims of domestic violence have sought support from the legal system.

Women Against Violence