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Free Pieces

Thump, thump.

What makes the heart tic?

This one beats ever slowly.

A little girl kept it before,

she spent her days climbing trees,

laughing at books and painting horses. 75 more words



Like trying to break through the ozone.

Eyes forward.

Heart in a cage,

it must fall for no one.

Tears have soaked the heart.

It sits heavy. 69 more words

Domestic Violence

run away girl

Ohhh. Such deep sadness!

I want to cry a thousand rivers.

It hurts.

I try to find the positive that surrounds me,

pushing those tears away… 125 more words


Kansas Man Leaves Baby In Trash

Man charged with attempted murder, Child Abuse after baby found in trash

LAWRENCE, KS  –  A 27-year-old man will face attempted murder and child abuse charges after he allegedly left his 6-month-old step-daughter in the trash. 337 more words

Good Parenting

Doing Things for Me

So…I decided to chop all my hair off.

And part of this reason is because I love how I look with short hair.

And another part of it is because the last time I cut my hair short my abusive ex told me I looked like shit and then proceeded to call me a cunt. 189 more words

Cries of the Vulnerable

It’s sad to say, but this day and age, no one is exempt from becoming a victim of domestic violence.  According to Google, the definition of domestic violence is “violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.” The abuse is used as a way to gain control of a vulnerable partner by inflicting pain, causing self-doubt and feeling of worthlessness. 347 more words