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Of Ogres and Onions, Part 1

“Ogres are like onions…Onions have layers.  Ogres have layers.”

Shrek, DreamWorks

Almost any American parent will recognize the quote (above).  It is from a conversation between the main character and his donkey sidekick in the children’s film… 451 more words

Child Abuse

It's Time To Grow Up

The last couple of days have been the worst, for lack of a better term.

I’ve just been trying to hold it together the entire semester. 425 more words


Beyond the Red Room, Tape #9: Are You There Diane? It's me, Zuzu.

*Spoiler alerts for Season 3 of Twin Peaks and content warning for discussion of rape, sexual assault, and violence against women.*

Hello, Diane.

The date is June 21, 2017. 1,001 more words

Laura Palmer


John drops us at the bar, before he quickly rushes to drive off in a huff. It’s barely 7, 6:58 to be exact on a Friday and luckily it falls at the end of the month, the little money left up from last month can be blown on cheap liquor and an uber for the chips funga(one night stand). 1,240 more words

Inside the mind of a dominator

Last year I was looking for volunteering for Women’s Aid – it was a time I believed I was passionate about women’s issues. I no longer limit myself to that, neither do I believe these are so-called women’s issues, and not anyone else’s problems. 1,376 more words

June 2017

My Twentieth Birthday

DISCLAIMER-  The story you are about to read is a pure work of fiction and has themes about murder and abuse that may not be appreciated by reader. 1,169 more words


Grieving family of pregnant woman gunned down by husband says system failed them

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The family and friends of a Richmond mother gunned down in front of her kids say the justice system failed them. 399 more words