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"Amores" by Ovid

Among Ovid’s love poems, there is one that stands out among the rest due to the stark reality of the subject. I believe it must have arisen from Ovid’s own love life. 405 more words


"He became more distant and sometime would verbally abuse me, call me names and then slapping and wrist twisting started happening."

Can violence begin and exist without disrespect and disregard for the person being abused?  Is happiness in a relationship possible where there is disrespect and lack of regard?  1,069 more words

Indian Homemaker

The past


The past does not define me
But it brought me to this place
Scaring the shit out of me
Making my heart race

The past does not define me… 66 more words

Domestic Violence

You're going to make it

Your gonna make it thru

You may not truely understand
Why you’ve faced such sorrows
Those times have felt like quicksand
Like there’s no tomorrow… 82 more words

Child Abuse


Words are more powerful then roses
More intense then a slap
Words can destroy in one day
What took years to build
Can revive in one sentence… 25 more words

Child Abuse


I’m not trying to be judgmental here but this ‘Emeka Ike’ case is a typical example of what happens to any woman who is trying to have custody over her children, after a escaping a marriage filled with Domestic Violence. 540 more words

Gossip Galore

Freedom Can Still Bring Guilt or Shame

In the years that I was gripped in religious fervor, not much of this world mattered to me. Everyone and all they did was forgiven. What I was focused on was obedience to religious mandate. 434 more words