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Initially, I want to this blog to post content supportive of themes raised in my poetry anthology Splendor From Ashes in order to raise reader awareness and provide support for others who find themselves in similar circumstances of domestic violence/abuse . 25 more words


Society is lurching drunkenly
avoiding constructive solutions for refugees
We start the wars then ignore the aftermath

There are laws against abuse and violence
yet the courts and law enforcers flounder… 57 more words


The Fine Art of Pretence- III


I have met a lot of stupid people, but none worse than those who either don’t know how to conceal their knowledge and emotions or haven’t learnt how to flaunt it at the right time. 1,297 more words


"Love is Blind, They Say" - (a poem)

Love is blind, they say.

It’s like starring into the sun.

Even when you look away

You can still see the reverse image

Of the sun burned into your… 229 more words


Domestic Violence: Inside the madness

I kept his secret long enough
Making excuses every time
I believed his lies
About how his exes all did him wrong
I ignored all the red flags… 839 more words

Domestic Abuse Awareness

Domestic Abuse is a subject that is largely ignored by mainstream media, given that three women are murdered every day in the US by their current and former partners, according to the Domestic Abuse Shelter.Some statistics show that as many as 4,000 women per year die from domestic violence around the world. 151 more words

Domestic Violence