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Violence Against Women on the Screen

If a woman is looked upon as an object, without feelings, life, soul, or thoughts, then it is easy to ingest images of her that defy her humanity. 1,100 more words

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Poems About Abuse


Never Give Up

How do I explain something I can’t understand?
How do I explain that he hurt me in a way no one else can? 6,861 more words

Condemning the ‘God’: Why is it such a taboo?

Tell me why.

There was total chaos. There was total chaos when I was having a conversation with some people through comments on a meme shared by my friend on Facebook which showed Krishna teasing a bunch of girls while they bathe and the girls hashtagging ‘Me Too’. 659 more words


Little Girl

Little Girl looked into the mirror

Her eyes filled with wonder

Her face glowing with pride

She grinned a wide smile at herself

As she preened and posed and angled… 230 more words


Don't Let Me Die Like a Dog in the Street

Those were the words I spoke, as I prayed to God for my life. My then-husband was choking the life out of me, and I somehow knew  that, in his anger, he was not aware that he was killing me. 987 more words

Regina's Weekly Blog

The Good, The Bad, and the Ludicrous

And Both at the Same Time, so it’s Less Easy to Spot

Monday 8th October 2007

I’ve not written anything for ages, because life seems to get away from me. 1,829 more words

I Rebelled Against Patriarchy and It Showed Up On My Face - A Love Letter

Dear Patriarchy,

It wasn’t that I didn’t like you, I was just done with the bull.  I mean, I know that my great grandmother was down for you, but my paternal grandma wasn’t having it, and I hung around her a lot…..so what did you expect…..grandpa wasn’t there to defend you because grandma divorced him. 383 more words