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Is this really happening?

Something positive might come from this! I’m cautiously optimistic.

Judge investigated by State

Domestic Violence

APIChaya Fundraiser- Huge Success!

My regular readers will know about my affinity with APIChaya, a commendable organization of Seattle that assists victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking.  On Saturday April 20th 2014, more than 520 people gathered at the Westin hotel in downtown Seattle in support of APIChaya.   216 more words

WIL In The Community

When to tackle bullies, narcissists and sociopaths etc. ???

Had an evening of cyber bullying/stalking from sociopathic bullies, other people were harassed, bullied, threatened, called bad mothers, liars, so it was interesting to see, this was certainly not about anything I had done at all. 473 more words

"Home" - Free-verse Poem

bones ache,
heart aches,
eyes are ripped
from my skull.

tongue lashed,
teeth bashed in,
i’m a bag for your anger,
a pillow to scream into… 50 more words


Rekindling a Friendship, Lost

Divorce also shreds friendships. During the wake of lawyer battles, family friends often feel divided and let’s face it, our scenario reminds them too much of their frailty. 262 more words


Alright Everyone! Its the Beginning of Missions of Happiness!

By Carey Hart

Sorry for being gone for so long I just got a new job and have been tired. Getting used to having to wake up at 5am compared to my usual of 12pm is a little difficult. 470 more words

Domestic Violence