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"How Dare You Live Without Me."

Ex-boyfriends who don’t like to admit to the “ex” part can be a problem. In this case it was mostly a problem for himself. Suspected Home Invader Shot, Killed in Pascagoula | WKRG… 47 more words



by Kenny Priestley

Content warning: article mentions abuse and domestic violence

This is an article submitted in response to Flashmob Dancers Demand an End to Violence Against Women. 1,045 more words


Extravagant Exaggeration?

Webster’s defines “hyperbole” as an “extravagant exaggeration”. For example, saying it’s “raining cats and dogs” outside just means it’s raining extremely hard. There are no actual dogs and cats falling from the sky. 906 more words



Manipulation is a powerful and cruel means to have your way over someone. It takes a selfish, heartless human to think they have the right and self-worth to influence ones thoughts and actions to get what they want. 1,330 more words

Are You A Victim Of Domestic Violence? Let A Lawyer Help You Out

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, domestic violence is the first health concern in the country nowadays. Only understanding what domestic violence is, and realizing whether you are a victim of it or not, will you be able to take action and get out of such terrible vicious circle. 64 more words

Abusers Pretending to be the Victim Part 2

Abusive individuals never own up to their behavior. They pretend to occasionally in order to keep their victim in their grasp or to perform, put on a show. 594 more words