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' A Wigwam for a Goose's Bridle'

Some of you will have noticed that I have been peeking round the cyber curtain lately, much like the child who has been sent to bed on the night of the party, but can’t resist peering round the door to see what  the grown ups are doing. 260 more words


Happenstance – Carol Shields (1980)

Another reread (and another gamble — totally not like me at all to reread titles but there you go. Life is not for sissies.) So, this was a reread kept in the TBR pile because obvs I enjoyed it the first time around. 430 more words


Directly opposite the Dáil -> Kildare St, D2. May 02 2016

With thanks to @CatDogSheep, who says “Kildare St opposite Leinster House no less! Not reported yet, will submit in the morning. “ 36 more words

Submitter says 'Piles of fly tipping so large they look like landfill' -> Bolton St, D1. May 02 2016

With thanks to @wonder_weir, who says “refuse collection here is by a private company. Hence ppl don’t pay and fly tip regularly.” 36 more words

Been dumping outside their front door for years now.Seemingly untouchable. -> Parnell St, D1. May 02 2016

With thanks to @jon_weir, who says “@DubCityCouncil EVER going to take action against the REGULAR flytippers in these Parnell St flats? @DublinLitter36 more words