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Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) Review

Time: 107 Minutes
Age Rating: Adult themes
Domhnall Gleeson as A. A. Milne
Margot Robbie as Daphne de Sélincourt
Kelly Macdonald as Olive
Will Tilston as… 654 more words

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Gone are the days when I can stay up until 1:30 am to watch a red carpet event, so this morning’s coffee was spent catching up on last nights events at the ‘Last Jedi’ world premiere in Los Angeles. 163 more words

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mother! Movie Review

Darren Aronofsky’s mother! may leave you woozy, bewildered, and exhilarated and sometimes all within the same minute. It’s a film that many will despise for taking its Hollywood stars down this rabbit hole of Biblical allegories and celebrity culture mockery. 544 more words


Movies that Drake and Jake Gyllenhaal Should Star in Together

There is a real, untapped potential between rapper Drake and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. They share a lot in common- both talented actors AND musicians, both Jewish icons, both have… 608 more words

American Made / 巴利薛爾:飛常任務

American Made / 巴利薛爾:飛常任務, 2017

自從2010年動作片<Knight and Day>,加上<Mission: Impossible>系列無限續集,Tom Cruise由一個演員變成一個食老本的電影明星,或是鬼佬劉德華?然而Tom Cruise從影多年有不少佳作,<Top Gun>,<Rain Man>,<Interview with the Vampire>,個人最愛是<Jerry Maguire>,劇本與演員都出色,證明Tom Cruise可以是影帝級數,2006年客串<Tropic Thunder>光頭佬形像相當搞笑,近年的佳作必數到<Valkyrie>,Tom Cruise飾演暗殺希特拉的嚴肅德國軍官,他也交出令人滿意的表現。

今年他的兩部新作,分別是環球片廠重啟經典驚悚電影系列<The Mummy>,和傳記電影<American Made>(巴利薛爾:飛常任務),前者身為環球片廠經典驚悚電影系列頭炮,票房大收但劣評爆燈;後者為絕對為Tom Cruise的佳作,在我心中他變回一個演員,不是電影明星。

<巴利薛爾:飛常任務>改編自真人真事,從主人翁Barry Seal為CIA秘密工作開始。飛越南美多處交換CIA情報,替哥倫比亞Pablo Escobar為首販毒集團運毒,銀紙多到無位擺!隨時都可Show me the money! 40 more words

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OK, so with only 10 days until I’m preparing myself for a Star Wars double bill with Force Awakens followed by a midnight showing of Last Jedi, I thought I’d talk about theories, or more specifically, one theory in particular. 1,288 more words

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Ex Machina: You like what you see?

Ex Machina (2015) certainly holds your interest. This was a film I had wanted to see for a while and finally sat down to watch it a few weeks ago. 343 more words

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