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Punishment is something that many control freaks seek to get a little relief. Relief for the pressure of constantly having to plan, fix, organize and feel responsible for others. 69 more words


Views 👉 Self-obssesed friends. 

I think it would not be wrong if I say we have all come across moody and self-obssesed friends atleast once in our life. Well, my views on the subject are from other side of being friend who had to deal with certain dominant, moody, self-obssesed friends. 259 more words

Figured me out

It’s Saturday.

I get a text. I look down at my phone. It’s him. That’s odd I’m thinking. I know he’s at wedding near my house today. 433 more words



We get back to the office. I text him.

‘I don’t think you have to worry about fucking with my day I think that conversation was enough’ 893 more words


No Wonder NATO is Frantic! 

From New Eastern Outlook, by Deena Stryker

While a first sight, NATO’s phenomenal buildup in Europe, intended to counter Russia’s so-called ‘aggression’, is a deadly threat to the world, a closer look may reveal a different story. 432 more words

World At WAR

Have You Heard Of This? Music That'll Make You Dominate

Logic has took over the rap game with his new track Flexicution. If you like rap music in any way then you’re in for a treat here.  87 more words

Escort Diaries: Breaking her soul

The shrill of the phone sent her into a little panic. It was the work line and Bianca knew there was a Man who had been exchanging letters and texts with her for a while. 1,014 more words