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Summoning her Orgasm

Soft peach like skin presented to him

Sparkling with beaded sweat

Succulent enough to sink his teeth in to

Scrumptious and sweet on the taste buds… 56 more words

Fuck me!

Don’t be polite

Pull my skirt up

Bend me over

Fuck me

Right where we are

Be quick

I need to feel you

Hard and fast… 16 more words

Silk Rope

Silk rope tied around my begging wrists

Tight enough to emboss my soft skin

Arms reaching for the ceiling

You whisper to me, be quiet and keep your eyes closed… 48 more words

Divine secret

Our bodies, tight against each other

The secret playful tussle for power

The air damp and moist, as am I

Your hands where I need them… 19 more words

His promise

I had just finished working out in the lounge. The full on gruelling 45 mins of jumping, kicking and lunging had left me hot & sweaty with my adrenaline pumping. 598 more words

Ye Are The Light (Part 2A): The Powers of Light (7).

Ye Are The Light Part 2A: The 7 Powers of Light.

One of the things that can never struggled to exist in life is Light. Light struggles for nothing. 600 more words


His white shirt

Crisp and clean on his torso

Showing off the definition of his frame

Two buttons undone to tempt me

Heat rising through the fabric

His smell enticing, luring me in… 7 more words