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The Underground Vol. 6 Pt. 3

         As strong as Matt was, Lauren hated having to use him as a step stool while the shackles had her so far off the ground. At least Carter cared about his brother, so he wouldn’t do anything to have him hurt. 637 more words


The Underground Vol. 6 Pt. 2

               The Underground was just as it always had been. Walking through the thick, heavy doors was no different than any other night. Yet, Lauren felt like everything had changed. 627 more words


Her Secret

The best sex of my life?  Without a doubt.

Even though we’ve never really pushed the limits and gotten experimental or adventurous, it has always been amazing.   783 more words


Why Christians Should Care For The Environment

Written by: Lamminlun Kipgen

As an ardent reader of the daily papers, I don’t notice a single day when news tabloids don’t flash a report on environment in its myriad manifestations of exploitations—unconserved, unprotected and uncared: displaying the least care with respect to the responsibility we are given. 1,099 more words


It’s finally almost time. Feels like I’ve been counting down for ages until today. Today is when I fly to go spend five days with my Master. 530 more words


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