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Parallel (daily prompt)

The parallel persuasion

Of her passive, pensive lips

Brought him to supplication

For her stroking or her whips

Unadorned by smile or pout

No wicked thoughts belied… 42 more words


How Many Words Does It Take?

Walking along this trail the other day I was thinking about the frequent terminology I hear spoken in psychological circles. At times it feels like one is trying to dominate another by using terminology that sets them apart from the everyday individual and sometimes fellow colleagues. 70 more words


Clips To Whack Off To #94: Ultimate Surrender- Brandi Mae vs Cheyenne Jewel

This will be my make up Clips To Whack Off To post for not writing one Wednesday. I was so exhausted from reading over my 3000+ word John Waters post from Tuesday that I just didn’t want to do shit for the past couple of days. 215 more words


The world of BDSM in words

So, words that relate to BDSM, I will put them A-Z so it is easier, for someone knew to BDSM this will help you for one, you can look at a word search it and find out more about it.  1,516 more words

Writing Erotic Novels

Why is book one so tame?

I keep getting asked this, and there are so many reasons for it, one being Alena’s past, while you see she is keen to try everything, it is Jackson who is on guard and cautious, he is unwilling to push her all the way straight away. 582 more words

Writing Erotic Novels

So your thinking your into BDSM?

Now, a lot of people are into BDSM, some are into just one part others are into a lot of it.

Before, I even discuss it I will say this, it is only BDSM with it is CONSENTING ADULTS… 1,033 more words

Writing Erotic Novels

Dominate Your Subconscious Mind Power

It really begins here. This is how we change into all the wonderful things we want. I’d say to study Subconscious Mind Power…& then study The Laws Of Attraction.