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It's not about simply winning the battle in front of you, it's about winning the future battles as well.

I was reading an article over at Sports Illustrated about Jay Glazer’s Gym and how he trains NFL players using MMA.  It was supposed to be just some NFL off season story that I read and forgot about 5 minutes after reading it but it stuck with me.   369 more words


When I started

It’s hard to say when I start being a Dom but I used to always experiment with my partners and I became fascinated with telling my partner what he could and couldn’t do and doing some bondage play to keep him from touching me and I guess it went from there. 100 more words


What is BDSM??

BDSM gives ordinary people the chance to explore and fulfil their wildest or most unusual fantasies and to explore different facets of their sexuality

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline; Domination and Submission; Sadism and Masochism. 234 more words



Prevail: v. to win and/or dominate by being larger in power and/or control and frequently against an opposing force(s)

You can prevail over an aggressor physically or your emotions may prevail over a logical approach to a problem. 138 more words

Common Sense

Diane vs. Isaac

Isaac sets up.

Diane feigns to the right.

Isaac is fooled, veers left.

Diane takes advantage, gains a blow to the right.

Isaac curls to the side. 60 more words

Short Story

Belonging Too. Part-Two.

Changed Life.

Being a born-again Christian is being a New person with an New attitude, it is not about living the way we did. Repentance means change and if we turn back to just being ourselves, then we are not born a knew and have failed to address the real problems. 33 more words

Major Domineering

Fri., July 10, 2015

Genesis 1:26
To steal, to kill and to destroy, all but in secret.

Lesson: The generals of the army are not just soldiers any more but gods in human form. 232 more words