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Wanton Whispers

And Sophie dwelt within the gorgeous cruelty of Sera’s kiss, for perhaps minutes or perhaps an eternity. The agony of Seraphina’s teeth biting down on her lip, the inescapable cruelty of her restraint as the woman continued to grip her wrists with her nails digging in, deluging Sophie’s heart with love and her mind and body with arousal. 116 more words

Domination And Submission

Taken In Hand

And although Seraphina had shown a little of the sternness of her heart from time to time, she had thus far not revealed all that she was. 168 more words


Please May I Come Mistress?

And thus Seraphina continued as she drove them both inexorably toward ultimate bliss, and until their eggs were turned up all the way. Sophie’s cries of bliss and groans of ecstasy becoming ever more ardent, as Mistress was compelled to fight ever harder to maintain her composure. 242 more words

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May We Break For Tea Please Mistress?

“….Mistress has no desire to make you an unwilling or unhappy slave. And I have no desire to make you suffer more than you want to….” 144 more words


Orderly and Immaculate

And Sophie began timidly to comply with Mistress Seraphina’s instruction to undress, pulling her arms out of her jacket and allowing it to fall to the floor. 128 more words

Erotic Fiction

Irresistible Erotic Savagery

And Seraphina had done all that she promised and oh so very much more. As soon as the bedroom door was closed behind them, and the outside world with its cares and concerns as well. 146 more words

Erotic Fiction

My Special Guest - Juliette Banks

I feel so blessed to be working with such fabulous authors as well as the rest of the team at Blushing Books. They are truly fabulous and helpful in every way. 1,019 more words

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