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Join Us For Chatroom Feminization Discussions and Events!

Girl Time In the Chat Room!

Being the perfect, incredibly thoughtful, and most efficient secretary (among all of the other roles she is) to me that she is, my most submissive executive assistant Nina Paige created a chat room for crossdressers and… 387 more words


Nina Paige Plays in Her Panties Like the Girl She Is!

Oh, Nina Paige! You’re Such a Girl!

Oh yes! My darling Nina Paige most certainly IS a girl, MY girl. For someone who (as a haughty, machismo-driven, high-strung male control freak) so readily scoffed at my words and insisted with great vehemence that I would NEVER turn him into a girl, how the pink tide has changed with some serious… 443 more words


Further Defining Our Roles as Fetishists

The words “erections” and “arousal” don’t normally start off reputable blogs and articles. In our case, however, this will never be uncommon.

We did a very successful video shoot last week and are committed to doing several shoots each week as well as live video streaming. 159 more words

Domination And Submission

Upcoming Travels

Today we are headed to Virginia Beach for a working weekend along with a little bit of relaxation. Next week we are headed to San Diego for more of the same. 198 more words

Domination And Submission

Our Latex Fetish Party (and the Introduction of Our Wonderful Partner, Knotty Jane)

We’ve held two latex fetish parties and we’re finding that the people attending are some of the most wonderful in the fetish community.  They share our desires, values, etiquette and appearance standards that make creating and hosting these events such a turn on.  318 more words

Domination And Submission

Quenching My Addiction

Months ago, we began playing more with latex. Clothing, hoods, gloves. Any accessory or item that we would wear during sex. Quickly that became an addiction. 190 more words

Domination And Submission

Collaborating With a Sexy, Beautiful Latex Fetishist

When we saw Knotty Jane walk onto the party bus we were immediately struck by her stunning demeanor.  She didn’t walk, she glided.  More sphinx-like than human, there was a sexuality and beauty that we’ve never seen in another woman.  145 more words

Domination And Submission