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Wonderful Article on the Rise of Leather Fetish (article from the New York Times)

I actually wasn’t searching for this but it intrigued me because of how fashion has evolved, blurring the lines between what was once regarded as fetish attire and what is now mainstream. 1,623 more words

Domination And Submission

Do We Ever Cross Lines During BDSM Sex?

I’m intrigued by this article.  I realize that during any activity, sexual or non-sexual, anyone can cross certain lines.  Maybe you’re an athlete that becomes addicted to working out or a body builder that can’t stop trying to achieve that “perfect” body.  1,606 more words

Domination And Submission

Continued Discussion on Obesity and BDSM

I read this article with great interest. As I continue to research the connection between morbid obesity and the BDSM community, I am curious to find out what makes that segment of the community tick. 4,133 more words

Domination And Submission

An Interview with Cleo Dubois

I did not conduct this interview but found it on alt.com


In her 20-plus years of kinky experience, Ms. Cleo Dubois has studied ritual piercings among various tribes-people, acquired expertise in rope bondage, and developed her own special fire at the end of a whip. 1,725 more words

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A Wonderful Article by Clarisse Thorn on Coming Out


Coming out BDSM: upsides and downsides

A lot of us kinksters use vocabulary similar to the kind of thing people are accustomed to hearing from LGBTQ folks. 2,003 more words

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Sexual Fetishism and Relationships

I frequently wonder how certain fetishes are developed. More importantly, I always enjoy knowing and understanding how sexual fetishes enter a relationship and the impact they have on that relationship. 2,045 more words

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