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HisLordship was working away last week. Usually this would be something that would be hard to get through as the usual routine is disrupted and the time that you usually have to connect with each other is suddenly not available. 1,176 more words


I mentioned in my last post the reasons why we decided to begin a D/s relationship which made me reflect. Reading back over my post  1,434 more words


If you follow my blog, you will already have read my post on Discipline and Punishment and will know that punishment has never formed a big part of our dynamic. 979 more words

Building A D/s Dynamic

About a year and a half ago, I began trying a new way of exercising and eating. I have always been conscious of what I ate and the exercise I got but that is not to say that I was always making sensible choices.  1,625 more words

Submissive Musings

I am never sure whether I want to write about dips or not as it seems a bit negative. But they do happen and sometimes when you are stuck in one that is what you need to talk about. 699 more words

Submissive Journal

I have written about spanking before as it is something that I enjoy and is a big part of our dynamic but I saw that hand spanking was the topic for… 869 more words

Play, Scenes And Kink

They are not really new rules, but with the start of the new term and my return to work, I was worried that I needed to have more structure in order to help with the change that it was going to bring. 955 more words

Submissive Journal