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My Time at Fetish Factory 20th Anniversay Parties in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This has been such a wonderful weekend, starting on Thursday night with some sexy people at the Renaissance pool and then it evolved into some truly sensuous and erotic play Friday night, a relaxing evening at The Vault watching the outfits and costumes come in and now tonight, the last night of the parties, which promises to be the most erotic of them all. 80 more words

Domination And Submission

My Interview with WAMU Radio

I recently completed an series of interviews with Kristen Sorensen, WAMU radio in Washington, DC.  It was a fabulous experience and so nice to work with someone who gave the BDSM, kink and fetish community a fair shake and didn’t attempt to portray us as people with abnormal or disturbing proclivities. 112 more words

Domination And Submission

My Interview with Kristen Sorensen of WAMU

I would highly suggest listening to this. It’s well produced and very fair to the DC BDSM community.

Kristen was wonderful to work with and could not have been more even handed and non judgmental when it came to this story.

Domination And Submission

Dealing with a Delusional Submissive

Over the past year, I’ve been subjected to a challenging situation with a submissive who lives in such a fantasy world that it’s nearly impossible to deal with him in reality.  312 more words

Domination And Submission

Dear Prudence...

Okay, I thought that title would arouse some interest.

Has anyone ever heard of this woman? She writes an “advice” column much like Dear Abby or Ann Landers.  553 more words

Domination And Submission

Collared and Dominated. Now you are a pet

Come here girl….good! Now kneel……nice! Now remove your clothes, they are useless. Yes abd your ubderwear. Faster but keep doing it in a feminine way slut. 208 more words

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The Disgusting Revelations of a "Professional" Dominatrix

I recently saw this article regarding an alleged “professional” dominatrix making uncorroborated and unsubstantiated allegations of her time with professional swimmer, Michael Phelps.  It turns my stomach to know that someone would reveal the privacy of another individual. 9 more words

Domination And Submission