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I walk into the room and quietly shut the door behind me. I’m wearing a charcoal grey suit, light blue shirt, open at the collar and with cuffs. 1,727 more words


Been a while

Well life has taken its toll , so i have been busy doing plenty of dommy stuff , lots of wonderful sessions both with couples females and males . 115 more words

Conan Era Story Published

I got a handful of likes on Twitter from a snippet of a Conan era story I wrote about a year or so ago.  Because of that, I decided to publish it here.  124 more words


Liverpool³ - ManU 1

There could possibly be no greater justice this season than watching Xherdan Shaqiri provide the winning goals for a game in which Gary Neville- he of the “Shaqiri disappears in big games” comments over the summer -is doing the color commentary. 1,156 more words

He's Dangerous and the Kind of Man You Can't Say No To

I do love my dark and dangerous men, especially when they’re sexy, rugged and dominating. What if he was also your father’s enemy, attempting to destroy everything the man has worked for? 2,363 more words


Setting your inner Dominant free

Alyssa Webber fell into a dominant role and was reluctant at first to raise her hand to a slave. SPOILER ALERT she got over it. Here she presents some thoughts on what is holding you back from unleashing your true dominant nature. 1,023 more words


Business meeting

The meeting and the plan had been set weeks in advance. The days between were interminably slow, punctuated only by feverish exchanges of texts that served to heighten the anticipation – and the frustration. 1,390 more words