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Mobile games the HC community is involved in, and why you should be as well

One of the major aspects we originally loved about MMOs is that they got updated, which was somewhat unique to the genre. In 2015 that is no longer the case, with just about every genre having at least a few examples of games with regular support. 903 more words

Clash Of Clans

DomiNations - A surprising treat for mobile/tablets!

I figured I was getting another Clash of Clans rip off with DomiNations but I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. The game is actually fun and charming. 234 more words


Apps I Can't Live Without

We live in a beautiful age of constant entertainment and distractions.  I am, of course, talking about smart phones, and the apps that give me immense joy. 586 more words

Pop Culture

DomiNations Review: A Civilized Clashing of Clans

At the time of this writing, DomiNations has only been on the App Store and Google Play for a few days. Thanks to an early Canadian release, though, I’ve been playing it a lot longer than that. 1,040 more words


17th April 2015

Rallying the troops so I can take over the world in DomiNations. Cue evil laugh!


Expert Dominations Crowns Guidance You Will Not Read Elsewhere

Playing all day on end is not good for you, psychologically or physically. Take yourself to the initiative, however!