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Caught between two worlds, in thought anyway!

I admit my thoughts have been rather morbid lately, not that i’m upset or worried exactly, just thoughtful.

I’ve been trying to figure out my chronic issues for a while now, i have found myself without a doctor and without direction for a while now. 235 more words


Why (consensual) 'sex slave'? - My female perspective.

I’ve been reading and searching this out for a while now and there is a very consistent undercurrent to any of the healthy relationships i have read, including my own. 432 more words


Vocalizing - Relearning how to be His toy.

One of the things i have to work on, get back into, is vocalizing my pleasure when we are playing or just touching at all. I know this is one thing that the Bear really enjoys, listening to how He’s making me feel and react! 192 more words


Fresh and new

Spring has things growing and looking fresh. Seems spring has brought the Bear out of hibernation as well!!

Like many of us, the person who wanted to start a D/s connection in our marriage was me. 616 more words


Stolen moments

When life gets busy sometimes all you have is a few minutes in time before you need to be back at doing whatever it is life throws your way. 130 more words


A good day to be me ...

The rain has finally let up, for now. The gardens need tending and flowers need buying and planting.

The morning started off a bit slow, i’m still fighting this cold and night time coughing fits are making it hard to sleep. 246 more words


Well now ....

I’ve been looking at this all wrong.

Trying so hard to be submissive not pushy … and i have started looking around. I have been looking at sites that document ‘submissives’ and ‘slaves’ as they find their way through the process. 96 more words