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Life Drawing

I walk into the room as if I am already on the piece of paper

a pink robe and bare feet walking on pencil shavings and cool linoleum… 130 more words

Domingo Journals

It’s been too long since my last post

but I’m not beating myself up about that.

Birth has been a consuming life focus for the past few years and my writing has been left out of the limelight. 112 more words

Domingo Journals

Mama speak: revisitng an entry from 6 years ago

Peep into the past– sonagrams of men inside of songs, a little story of worry dolls–stick women within woven bags under pillows. Men in mugs and glass glasses with steam up-howling about sparrows with broken wings singing and strung precisely for sending out stories. 560 more words

Poetry That Strikes A Chord

Poetry that strikes a chord:

“Wait” she say, he say, “wait for me.”
Crowning all caked with human roe

the odor howls too–it’s the only way you’ll ever know

how it feels to be a man. 162 more words

Poetry That Strikes A Chord

Broken Paws

My daughter gets into bed tonight

I turn out the light and spoon her

She shows me a new game on her ipod touch

It’s a man running through the jungle on a cobblestone walkway… 142 more words

Poetry That Strikes A Chord

Poem: Addendum with Volcano Warning (written in Hawaii, Big Island '08)

Also, I forgot to answer: Do you deserve an apology?

Only this one: Sorry, no

gawky melange of remorse

will come from me.

Send me an arc. 103 more words

Poetry That Strikes A Chord

4/26/2012 National Poem in your Pocket Day Post- David Berman

I want to recommend that you check out these two books, before the end of April (National Poetry Month):

Legitimate Dangers by Michael Dumanis and… 605 more words

Poetry That Strikes A Chord