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Opening Negotiations: introductions and backgrounds to British Cold War Culture

‘The cold war, in Gaddis’s account, was both inevitable and necessary. The Soviet empire and its allies could not be rolled back, but they had to be contained […] In the end – thanks to greater resources, a vastly more attractive political and economic model, and the initiative of a few good men (and one good woman) – the right side won.’

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Calais: Let Them In

Evoking Churchill’s ‘We Shall Fight Them On the Beaches’ speech of June 4 1940, Prime Minister Cameron, while visiting Vietnam a few days ago emphasized the “ 688 more words


Is political advertising as effective as we like to think? Sam Delaney’s new book argues that the power of spin is over-rated. Dominic Sandbrook [£] agrees:

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Who’s Britain’s Hunkiest Liberal-Left Journalist?

Many of our new readers have complained that we’ve been biased by focusing on Right Wing Journalist Hunks and Patriotic-but-Sexy World Cup Journalists. To show that we are fair and balanced, we now bring you the view from the Left. 883 more words

A new British History blog

This is a quick blog just to mention a new blog dedicated to the history of post-war Britain, simply titled British Contemporary History (not to be confused with the journal… 125 more words

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Strange Days: Cold War Britain. A Sneering.

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Strange Days: Cold War Britain is a three part series shown on BBC.

The second section was broadcast last night.

The BBC describes it as follows, “Dominic looks at the front line of the conflict as a newly prosperous Britain of consumerism was pitched against the Soviet ideal of communism.” 452 more words

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