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Postcard from Salamanca, Spain: Loving the luxury of time to gaze at little things...

Not surprisingly, we are not the only tourists in Spain. But so many visitors are forced to spread their time thinly, they often shortchange a place such as Salamanca, making it a quick day-trip. 113 more words


Leicester: The King in the Cathedral

Five hundred and thirty years after he was hurriedly buried in the Grey Friars Priory, Richard III was buried with full honor and dignity on March 26, 2015. 1,312 more words


Feast of Saint Peter of Tarantaise (8 May 2015)

On this date in 1945, President Harry Truman, who had been president for less than one month, announced the unconditional surrender of Germany, and thus the end of the war in Europe.   385 more words

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28th April 2015: The Singing Nun - Dominique

Language = French

Was this the first big Euro-crossover hit?  I felt that I should put this song on my blog – it’s important in the history of English-speakers learning about songs in other languages. 47 more words

[Upcoming Paper] Ecstasy in Rhineland Mysticism: Albert the Great, Meister Eckhart and Henry Suso on the concept of rapture

I will be presenting a paper exploring the concept of ecstasy in Rhineland Mysticism at the Varieties of Ecstasy Workshop at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization, Monash University, Caulfield held July 26th-27th. 350 more words

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Bologna, city of art, porticos and delicacies

 Discover Bologna, a fascinating Italian city, (still) ignored by main stream tourism.

Surprisingly enough, the vast majority of tourists see Bologna only from the window of a high speed train, moving from Venice to Florence and vice versa. 1,906 more words


Elsbeth Stagel (c.1300-1360): Henry Suso's Spiritual Daughter

Elsbeth Stagel (c.1300-1360), likely the daughter of a councilor from Zurich, was the prioress of the Dominican Second Order convent of Töß and the spiritual daughter of the Rhineland Dominican mystic Heinrich Suso. 771 more words

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