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The Tourism Mecca - Bavaro Punta Cana

The majority of tourists that travel to the Dominican Republic arrive at Punta Cana airport and stay in the surrounding area, along the stunning coastline. 101 more words

Discovering Gold in the Greater Antilles (Part 2)

This post follows a previous piece, which you can read here.

And so we set out on an adventure of a lifetime with the underlying goal of studying a bird and using what we learned to help save that bird, while simultaneously nourishing an already burgeoning sense of local stewardship over Hispaniola’s feathered friends and the habitats they so deeply depend upon. 1,316 more words


Dominican Republic in less than 200 words

Dominican Republic has a variety of options when it comes to things to do. It is located in the Caribbean, and as an island, going to the beach and doing outdoor water sports is one of the number one preferred activities by the locals and the visitors. 131 more words

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Creating a community-led, sustainable emergency medical service

One sunny afternoon, I was sitting with my neighbors drinking coffee in our plastic chairs trying to catch a breeze. I had been in site for nearly six months and felt that I had a pretty good grasp on the dynamics of the place. 937 more words

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Introducing: Fathom Impact Travel

A new generation of traveler is now emerging, as Millennials come of age in a world where  connectivity is inherent. The industry is seeing a new trend in travelers who don’t just want to sight-see and shop, but who also want to effect social change and impact the world in charitable ways. 130 more words

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Rachel en la República: Educación Sexual

I am up late creating a presentation for the Sex Ed workshops at school. I am doing a talk tomorrow with the 9th graders on teen pregnancy and contraception. 427 more words


ChocoMuseo Santo Domingo

Somehow I managed to get another post out in a week, although it is extremely short. I was debating whether to do a write up on it or not as the place is more pseudo-museum than an actual museum, but I figured, why not, I’ll just post it in between the regular schedule. 399 more words