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Makeup product review

This is the can of spray that I’ve been using the past couple of weeks. I’ve been getting so many compliments on my makeup. I like it because I just spray it on. 72 more words



Whether you are a real or step parent please stop manipulating situations with your kids. People tell me you dont undetstand what it is to be a parent because you dont have kids. 499 more words


Divine Providence? Not So Much.

Oh, for heaven’s sake.  This is just getting embarrassing. You’d expect this at a secular school, but now you’ve pretty much come to accept if from any schools that line the eastern or western coastlines of the United States. 3,104 more words


Part. II Lucely

“Lucely, por favor don’t do anything crazy.”

“Ma, we’re locked in the closet what could I possibly do. I already called the cops.”

Moment like this I think of home, my real home. 1,144 more words



My client designed this Tshirt for me🙌