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Bacalaitos: Tapas Yumminess

Recently, Mr. G and I have been trying to find a creative way to have at home date nights without spending a ton of money, having leftovers, and staying inside so we wouldn’t have to get anyone to babysit for us.  652 more words

Hope ‘til the End

A reflection by Br. Glen Mar T. Gamboa, OP

February 7, 2016 ■ 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time ■ Lk. 5:1-11

Daybreak symbolizes hope that despite the challenges of life there is a certain confidence that something good will happen. 321 more words


Under the dryer

As my client sits under the dryer I sit here posting positive quotes while I’m freezing. It’s so cold😲

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Never takes sides when folks fight with their friends and inlaws etc. they make you dislike them, you even   fight for them,  then next thing you know they are hanging out lovey dovey and you end looking  like an idiot😂 #salontalk stay of it..when they venting about the person they are having problems with just go “Ummm huh, oh, wow how terrible..don’t give ANY opinion..just listen or offer them a piece of gum😉

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Its all about the gut

I cannot agree more. I’ve avoided bad situations when I listen to my gut. Whenever I go against it and try to give people the benefit of the doubt I get burned. 73 more words



On point. You can loose your mind if you keep stepping out of your mental frame. Your mind is very complexed and you can literally make your own self nuts. 36 more words


Platano Amarillos - Waste Not, Want Not

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, platanos are a staple food for Dominicans.  Most people are familiar with them in their green state.  We eat them as mangu, tostones, and in pastelones in that way.  540 more words