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Love life

If you are not to sure about someone you are interested in just observe their Facebook activity for a few days. A person can only hide who they are for so long. 512 more words



I would say it was one of the worse years for me. Thank goodness it’s almost over😂😂


Ice Blond

Ice blond on my friend Vicky last nite. I didn’t get home until almost 3am. I can’t get her to come at decent hours. She’s a single mother of 4 and works two jobs. 37 more words


Growing Up Dominican

Hello, hello!

This is the first of a SERIES! Yay! So stay tuned ;)

If you haven’t clicked on over to the “About Me” section of my blog, then you may have missed that I am half Dominican! 806 more words


Hot tea

You won’t believe what happened to me this past Monday. I heated water with lots of honey and cinnamon in the microwave. I forgot that I had already reheated it…I took the cup out the microwave and cleaned up some of the water that spilled out the cup..I was rushing to go off to work and took a big chug of the cup.

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Sew in track extensions 

I do the old school track see in extensions. I did her hair a couple of weeks ago. She gets her own hair at Pauline’s in Bellflower (they sale the best human hair there) it’s so crazy I went in to go check out their hair yesterday and the have to buzz you in the store. 95 more words


Thank you 

I want to thank each and every single follower on here. I don’t come on here as much as I should. I’m like all over the place between me posting pictures on yelp, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and at the same time trying to start having a active social life, texting clients back, paying bills, dealing with flat tires and just life. 22 more words