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This Woman Accidentally Got Thousands of Dollars Instead of Her Domino's Order

We’ve all received incorrect orders before. Sometimes you’re missing an ingredient or three or there’s something weird about the sauce or they forget to give you the guac you paid extra for. 294 more words


This Domino's-Lover Found A Ton Of Cash Inside Her Chicken Wings Box

Is Domino’s a real-life Los Pollos Hermanos? If so, who is Gus Fring, and how do we avoid getting on his bad side? We have so many questions after hearing of this real-life… 246 more words


Domino's Is Now Testing Its Self-Driving Vehicle

Domino’s Pizza is one step closer to launching the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle.

Back in March, the pizza chain introduced its self-driving delivery vehicle in Australia. 202 more words


Woman Who Returned $5,000 She Found in Domino's Box Now Gets Free Pizza

A San Jose woman who ordered Domino’s chicken wings was delivered a box filled with nearly $5,000 instead.

Selena Avalos — who is a manager at Spacetel Wireless — immediately knew something was up when she recently discovered her… 98 more words

A totally unexpected company beat everyone to self-driving cars

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

When you think of self-driving cars, you probably think of Tesla, Google, or perhaps Uber.

From now on, think Domino’s Pizza.

This is DRU: the “Domino’s Robotic Unit.” DRU is a self-driving vehicle that has one mission: delivering the freshest possible pizza to your anxiously awaiting gullet. 318 more words


My 21st Birthday Domino's Delivery Miracle

On the night of my 21st birthday, my friends and I were witnesses to a miracle.  198 more words


Domino's Pinball Launch Party and Tournament: Oct. 29 at Pocketeer!

We’re teaming up with Domino’s, Spooky Pinball and Pocketeer Billiards and Bar to bring the FIRST launch party for the new Domino’s Spectacular Pinball Adventure pinball machine to Buffalo, NY! 153 more words