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Easy way to teach kids love Maths (Counting)

Mathematics is my favourite subject. But how do I make Ishaan understand the subject. If not for marks (in Indian mentality) counting (Add/subtract/divide/multiple/percentage) is important for life. 185 more words


All New range of Dominos Pizza

Dominos presents all new range of Pocket friendly Pizza’s which will make your outings more fun with family or friends. Do try our new pizza’s you will be surprised and happy.

New trending GIF tagged reaction animated dancing food...

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Domino's New Branding

Domino’s has had its packaging redesigned and it looks a thousand times cleaner than before. Perviously Dominos boxes were covered in slogan and icons now it has been stripped down and has become bolder and wears the icon Domino’s logo with pride. 70 more words



Better late than never right?! 😋

So as I said I’ve been having some personal stuff recently, but I’m gonna power through and hopefully keep posting! 478 more words


How eating out became a life saver 

Up until the beginning of last year I lived at home and my mom always cooked, therefore I had no reason to cook (besides when I helped her or felt like baking with my sister or friends), and was admittedly terrible at it. 699 more words

The People's Wagen will be a Clean One

Due to their difficult times recently, Volkswagen, has decided to hire me as its Chief Innovation Officer to revamp the company and help balance the public’s view. 430 more words