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How can I do this?

I have been asked lately how I can do this? They asked many questions. Why? How?

The right Dom will not hurt you. To assume I am being hurt by someone I have allowed to have power over me is an incredibly uneducated assumption. 315 more words


My Name

Weakness is my mask
I wear it without shame
Service is my cloak
My purpose is the same
Duty lies upon my hands
The tenderness He claims… 224 more words



Loyalty. The people we are generally supposed to be loyal to seem to be the ones (in my life) who hurt me the most. People on the outside would say you need to be loyal to your spouse, your family etc. 125 more words


My Bucket List

I have had this list since the beginning. I knew almost immediately this was the Dom, He was the one I had waited for. A list started to form in my head, my ‘Oh My God I want to do this with Him’ list. 240 more words


My First One

My Master says this blog is long overdue.

First, some background. I have been with my Master for almost a year now. I was a DD/BDSM novice when we began. 672 more words


March 5, 2015

Dear Friend,

Before I get into my life, I have been having this recurring fantasy lately so I decided to get it down in a story form, so is STORY TIME WITH AIMEE!!!!! 1,691 more words


Funny Moments in Femdom (#1)

Vicious and brutal as our play may be, it’s all just fun and games… and some levity and mishaps.  If you have a Funny Moment in Femdom you’d like to share, I’d love to feature it here. 181 more words