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Dirty Talk

Hey, Gay Men, What’s with all the misogynist dirty talk?

My sexual motto has always been “Service with a smile,” as much as one can smile with a cock in one’s mouth and/or ass, so maybe “Service with a Grimace/O-Face” might be a more accurate motto. 796 more words


little scarlet speaks

Hello out there! It’s me, little scarlet or for those of you from way back, fairy queen. I’m not quite sure if any one even remembers me but I’m still around. 601 more words


Secrets of Redemption by LK Shaw

I liked that in this story of the series we finally get the chance to see a Domme in action as she works with male subs. 161 more words

I did not listen...

Today before the hubby went to his office (he works from home, but stays in his office for a few hours at a time) he gave me a few things he wanted done before I picked the kids up from school. 242 more words

NEW RELEASE LIVE TODAY!!! Black Light: Suspended By Maggie Ryan

This is another installment in the Black Light series but can be read as a stand alone. I also contains elements that some readers may find offensive such as anal play, rope play and BDSM so if this offends you please don’t buy this book I loved the power play shown in this book. 191 more words

Get to know me

You know those people who you ask to wear a black shirt and they throw on a red one just because you asked them to do something specific? 258 more words

Secrets of Desire By LK Shaw

A wonderful dom/s with a great side story going on as well. I was cheering for this couple from the beginning to overcome their stubbornness and realize how they feel for each other. 29 more words