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Chris & Don: A Love Story (Tina Macara and Guido Santi, 2007)

 Chris & Don: A Love Story (Tina Macara and Guido Santi, 2007) explores the relationship between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy and is a film everyone who sees it will have a lot to say about: the thirty-year difference in age; the enormous gap in social class; the equally wide gap in artistic achievement. 862 more words

My TV This Week, 21st November

I installed Now TV, Google Chromecast and also subscribed to Netflix last week so much of my cultural consumption this week has been spent trying to explore their offerings. 577 more words

"On The Move" by Thom Gunn

The blue jay scuffling in the bushes follows
Some hidden purpose, and the gush of birds
That spurts across the field, the wheeling swallows,
Have nested in the trees and undergrowth. 272 more words


Five Reasons He's Billy Al Bengston And You're Not

In the late 1940s, a 14-year-old kid named Billy Al Bengston shed his Kansas skin for a new life in southern California, where he would shape pop art while racing motorcycles, surfing, and riding his bicycle around Venice. 550 more words


Portrait Artist Don Bachardy's "Hollywood" is a Stunning Collector's Item

Photos from Hollywood by Don Bachardy ©2014, published by Glitterati Incorporated www.GlitteratiIncorporated.com

Hollywood is the highly anticipated monograph of celebrated portrait artist Don Bachardy. With more than 300 original paintings and drawings, this stunning collection features the most famous actors and influential figures in… 138 more words


Frankenstein: The True Story (1973) | A gloriously Gothic prime time TV adaptation of Mary Shelley’s legendary novel – that’s just a bit gay too!

In 19th century England, Dr Victor Frankenstein (Leonard Whiting), bitter over his brother’s untimely death, voices his wish that men could have power over life and death. 1,128 more words


Listen again: 17th December 2013

Clayton Littlewood talks over the phone to painter Don Barchardy in California about the recent publication of ‘The Animals’. The book is a collection of love letters between Don Bachardy and Christopher Isherwood, his late partner of over 30 years and author of ‘Goodbye to Berlin’ and ‘A Single Man’. 307 more words

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