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Letter from Shri Narendra Modi on receiving my books

Letter from Shri Narendra Modi, then Chief Minister of Gujarat, on receiving my books in 2013.


End Of An Innings by Denis Compton

 …’Well, whose fault is it then, you cloth-eared bint? Denis Compton’s?!’…

As outrageous non-sequiteur insults go, Basil Fawlty’s is up there. It says something about Denis Compton’s celebrity that his name could be included in this way in a prime-time TV series, almost 20 years after his retirement from the game. 330 more words

Cricket Memoir

Letter from Bradman

I was fortunate to receive this hand-written letter dated 2nd November 1999 from the peerless Sir Donald Bradman. When the legendary batsman passed away at the age of 92 just over a year-and-a-quarter later on 25th February 2001, I wrote an article on this letter which was published in The Times of India of 5th March 2001. 120 more words


Good-bye, Richie!

Cricket is as much a game about the players as it is about the people who “call the plays,” as it is so beautifully said in baseball. 364 more words


Cricket - George Headley - An Appreciation

Some of those who pride themselves on a knowledge of cricket and cricketers probably know less about George Headley than they should.

From early in his career, Headley… 725 more words


Uncertain and lost

Have you ever felt lost and uncertain what to do but feel like your mind and body is on the brink of something?

I suffer from from depression and anxiety which I think is linked to this feeling of restlessness and being incomplete. 201 more words

Don Bradman- facts and records

Don Bradman records:-

•Highest Individual Test Batting Average
(minimum 15 innings) 99.94
•Highest Test Batting Average for a 5-Test Series
201.50 (v South Africa, Australia, 1931-32) 228 more words