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Abstract of text of Unit 4: "In the Ruins of the Future"(2001) by Don DeLillo

Abstract of “In the Ruins of the Future” (2001) by Don DeLillo.

The scenario in America after the 9/11 attacks is very fragile. Dichotomies concerning Us/Them, history/stories, narrative/counter-narratives appear and make a clear separation amongst the American heroes and the terrifying terrorists. 87 more words


Review: Zero K by Don DeLillo

I would have bought Don DeLillo’s latest novel, Zero K, just for the exquisite, elegant cover. However, the nostalgia I feel for the author of the book ever since I read his stunning… 487 more words

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what is a photograph?

“A photograph is a universe of dots. The grain, the halide, the little silver things clumped in the emulsion. Once you get inside a dot, you gain access to hidden information, you slide into the smallest event. 25 more words

On Photography

100 Great Novels (A Potentially unending Work in Progress)

Aspiration: 50/50 gender & POC split (currently at a lame and terrible 20% and 0% respectively)

  1. Samuel Beckett — How It Is

Reaching the conclusion that… 3,176 more words

Zero K review

Don DeLillo is a Big American Writer. A gorilla in the jungle of authors feted by critics and publishers alike. This book appears, at first, like it might be science fiction – it’s about cryogenics, end of the world politics and billionaires hiding away their wealth so that they can have it when they wake up. 285 more words


Bob Dylan and Nobel Prize

With the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Bob Dylan, he becomes the 113th writer and first musician to win the award.

Dylan, 75, best known as a singer-songwriter, received the prize worth roughly $905,000 “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. 398 more words


Don DeLillo

When birds look into houses, what impossible worlds they see. — Don DeLillo, The Body Artist (Scribner; Reprint edition February 5, 2002)