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Satin Island - Tom McCarthy


Something is not nothing, even if it isn’t everything. (163)

This novel is not nothing, it is something but not everything, it’s a collage, a roaming thing, and like our own daily internet distraction sessions, this novel flicks from one idea to another, it uses a loose Heideggerian tool perspective to riff on the dynamics of parachutes and then jumps to meditations on how…

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a stranger in my love

“I would twirl the dials to hunt for jazz, and with luck I’d catch a scrap of catatonic Monk, or Sun Ra colliding with anti-matter, and some note would pin together pieces of the spreading night and it would all make sense for a moment, the mad harmonics bringing most of what was sane to those who ran with death, and we would head into the gulf of early light with that black music driving over me and I would feel a stranger in my love of it, for I did not run with anything.”

— Don DeLillo, Americana


Through the Knowledge of Those Who Observe Us

Full disclosure: I often start writing these reviews while I’m still reading the book.  I am, as I’ve detailed elsewhere, unforgivably lazy about writing.  I enjoy the process on some level, and it’s kinda fun when I experience one of those rare moments where I return to something I’ve written and think, “Hey, that’s not entirely horrible.” But the truth of it is that there are always other things I’d rather be doing, and none of them require as much effort as sitting down to crank out (optimistically, when it comes to these reviews) 1,000 words or so.   915 more words


The Writer in Danger: Notes on a Metafictional "Ethics"

Metafictional ethics; or, an ethics of metafiction. In a certain way, the concept is oxymoronic. If metafiction must be understood not only as a mode of reflexiveness in writing, but moreover as a… 1,411 more words



“The art that hung was mainly color-field and geometric, large canvases that dominated rooms and placed a prayerful hush on the atrium, skylighted, with its high white paintings and trickle fountains.

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“Writing is a concentrated form of thinking. I don’t know what I think about certain subjects, even today, until I sit down and try to write about them.” – Don DeLillo


From Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 135, Don DeLillo

Let’s not forget that writing is convenient. It requires the simplest tools. A young writer sees that with words and sentences on a piece of paper that costs less than a penny he can place himself more clearly in the world. 96 more words