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I’m not really a fan of Don Delillo from the other books of his I’ve read (White Noise, Mao II) and annoyingly I think there are a few of his on my list, so I’ll have to get through them at some point, but when I picked this one up I was already prepared for a bit of a slog. 260 more words

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Review: Falling Man by Don DeLillo

These are the days after. Everything now is measured by after. – Don DeLillo, Falling Man.

Falling Man left me with mixed feelings. It takes place in New York during the days after the 9/11 Twin Tower terrorist attack in 2001. 423 more words

"The Itch," a new Don DeLillo story in The New Yorker

There’s a new DeLillo story in The New Yorker. It’s called “The Itch” and I started itching terribly about halfway through. First three sections (and yeah, the story starts with “But”): 341 more words


The literary life of Michiko Kakutani: the book critic's best feuds and reviews

The New York Times writer is stepping down from her role, leaving behind a remarkable career characterized by razor-sharp reviews and intra-literary rows

Michiko Kakutani, the New York Times venerated chief volume critic, announced she was stepping down from her post on Thursday after 38 years, marking the end of a career that inspired both admiration and dread in the hearts of the writers whose volumes she reviewed. 2,123 more words


All I read in July...

A monthly round-up of the stuff I’ve been reading over the past month. As always, big link dump at the bottom to check out anything I mention. 1,130 more words

A Book of Madness

The funny thing was when I got to the physical end of the text, I immediately turned pages back to the beginning, with some faint ideas and guesses, and realized the infinity. 329 more words


Underworld is a novel published in 1997 by Don DeLillo. It was nominated for the National Book Award, was a best-seller, and is one of DeLillo’s better-known novels. 473 more words