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Music Playlists: Soundtrack to Everything Can Change

While I was working on the first draft of my novel, “Everything Can Change,” I discovered that music dramatically improved my writing process. The book is about Jack Ritter, a young man who is diagnosed with testicular cancer while working a high-demanding job as an associate attorney at a large NYC law firm.   1,443 more words


The Eagles Live: A healing process

The Eagles are a band that are deeply rooted in my being. Like many of you, I first heard their music in 1972 with “ 1,428 more words

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Don Henley's Mesopotamian Connection: "The Boys of Sumer"

I’ve tried submitting this to many prestigious journals of Ancient Near Eastern history, but no one seems to believe that the following pretty much a word-for-word translation from some dusty cuneiform tablets: 367 more words


The 14 best singing drummers: The ultimate list

Everyone loves the drums. We love them in marching bands, we love them in the 1812 Overture, we love them in our language. We talk of beating the drums and drumming up business. 1,786 more words


Concert Review: The Eagles at Rupp Arena, 4-10-2018

About 20 years ago, 5 teenage boys (including myself) took the stage at the South Junior High School talent show. I was the drummer/backup singer, and was about to make my first public performance. 726 more words


Review: Country Elton John Tribute Album Bests Its Pop Counterpart

No list of things we don’t miss from the ’90s — scrunchies, Starter jackets, Discmans, Earthlink, talking to the hand — would be complete without the inclusion of the tribute album, a fad that seemed to die out by the end of the decade, with occasional flare-ups since. 1,135 more words


Sitting back...

Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at the inner workings of the bureaucracy – at so much time and effort allocated to generating so little tangible result; at so much collective ability to dodge and weave responsibility; at so much agreement in the moment and then barge-fulls of disagreement over the same issues later in the day. 204 more words