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I’ll bring Floyd Mayweather out of retirement, vows Don King

Floyd Mayweather will be lured out of retirement to fight my fighter, Don King tells Declan Warrington

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Don King: No one talked to me about plans for jai alai fronton

Flamboyant entrepreneur and fight promoter Don King made it clear Wednesday: he hasn’t had any conversation with an investor who’s been asking about King’s former jai alai fronton in Mangonia Park. 234 more words


Don King: No distribution center on Jai Alai Fronton site

” I would turn down any deal that would further denigrate the area,” Don King told The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board today.

The wealthy boxing promoter visited the editorial board to “clear up some things” with regard to the vacant Jai Alai Fronton site in Mangonia Park. 250 more words


Don King to talk Jai Alai today at Palm Beach Post

Flamboyant fight promoter Don King comes this morning to the Palm Beach Post to meet with reporters and the editorial board to “give my side of the story” about reported plans for the old Jai-Alai fronton in… 142 more words


Today's Talk Back question: What’s the best use for the vacant Jai Alai Fronton in Mangonia Park?

Tiny Mangonia Park may soon have to decide whether to allow a developer to turn the aging, vacant Jai Alai Fronton into a distribution center. 49 more words


For tiny Mangonia Park, 'jai alai' could also spell 'gold mine'

Mangonia Park and Palm Beach County should maximize rather than waste the huge potential that is the former jai alai fronton being talked about for a distribution center. 372 more words


Helen Paul Clears Air On Alleged Frosty Relationship With Ali Baba

Popular comedienne and presenter Helen Paul, took to her social media to set the records straight on her alleged frosty relationship with fellow comedian Ali Baba, after Ali Baba wrote about ‘backstabbers’ on his Instagram page with many fingers pointing to Helen Paul. 182 more words