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Have a heart

Melania joins the other First Ladies in weighing in on the seperation of immigrant children at the Mexican borderĀ  — and throws a bit of a curveball.

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The play's the thing

Huron Playhouse, struggling along on local foundation and community support after Bowling Green State University dropped its financial support in 2010, won’t have a 2018 season, or any other seasons, after all. 16 more words

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Pardon me, really

One might rightly argue that the clemency granted to Alice Marie Johnson was a good thing, but it took a visit from famous-for-being-famous Kim Kardashian to get Trump’s attention. 26 more words

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Art for art's sake

A very local Sandusky cartoon. One of the local high schools is looking to gain some storage and/or class space by moving into the “art room,” which features murals painted by graduating seniors over the years whose art-class achievements earned them the right to leave their artistic mark on the walls. 39 more words

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Tweet for tat

“It’s one thing for your guy, another thing for mine,” tweets-and-kneel edition.

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I was … profoundly bothered by the numbed matter-of-factness of the student at Sante Fe High School who, sadly, made the transition from “It can’t happen here” to “I knew it was… 16 more words

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Wanna bet?

With the Supreme Court clearing the way for states to decide whether to allow betting on sports (which doesn’t go on at all, no sir, no way, what are you even thinking?) — A little generalized speculation about Ohio, where… 13 more words

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