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Not my enemy

As a once and maybe future reporter, I took the A Donald’s declaration about the press personally. But I have this nasty habit of thinking things through, and this truth — shall we call it an inconvenient truth? 16 more words

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Get over it

Some people have trouble wrapping their heads around the fact Trump is president.

Don Lee


Sen. Mitch McConnell’s patronizing dismissal of Sen. Elizabeth Warren turned into a rallying cry that persists.

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Market timing

Ever notice stock in Boeing and Lockheed took a brief dive right after a trashy Trump tweet, recovered and steamed right along? Opportunity for the quick-reacting investor, I say. 12 more words

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No class

Ohio Gov.John Kasich may be a thorn in Trump’s side, but he’s in line with the anti-public-school thinking, such as it is, of the prez’s pick for education secretary.

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Groundhog Day

Over and over again. How long will we be stuck in the recursive loop?

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