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Don Lemon Suggests Bill O'Reilly Come on His Show

How should Bill O’Reilly handle his ouster from Fox News, as well as the sexual harassment scandal that surrounds him? Don Lemon has one suggestion — come on his show. 460 more words


Watch Don Lemon Absolutely Lose It On Jeffrey Lord Over That Dumb MLK Remark

lmao. Don Lemon has finally cracked. He can’t take this shit no more https://t.co/vcLxIfRnKx

— Darth Kriss (@insanityreport) April 14, 2017

Jeffrey Lord, a former Ronald Reagan administration official turned media surrogate for…

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Don Lemon And Panel Feign Outrage At Jeffrey Lord Comment

Don Lemon and the show’s panel became enraged with Jeffrey Lord after he made a comment comparing President Trump to Martin Luther King Jr.. Lord was comparing Trump’s strategy on race relations with King’s but the conversation really hit a rail when the CNN host accused Lord of spewing “before the war crap.” 199 more words


Shorter Don Lemon: 'All Blacks Think Alike And I Speak For Them'

Thursday night on CNN, host Don Lemon yet again offensively insisted that Americans who happen to be black think and react as a monolith.

As if it’s not bad enough that liberals like Lemon celebrate the segregation still pushed by the left as they insist that there’s a “black America” which is separate from the rest of America (there isn’t) — and as if it’s not bad enough that liberals like Lemon insist that all black people think alike (they don’t) — to compound the division-inducing bigotry pushed by Lemon and the left, he this time around is also claiming to be the spokesperson for that alleged monolithic thinking (he isn’t). 1,430 more words

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Guest To Don Lemon On Obamagate: "Are You Drinking The Kool-aid?"

Newsmax CEO, Chris Ruddy appeared on CNN to discuss the Obamagate scandal and completely destroyed Don Lemon.

Don Lemon: “We shouldn’t just put talking points out there, or put information out there that has not been proven or because someone said it or because someone is trying to make the President’s initial tweet, which was not factual, trying to make it factual.

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The 'Doctor' is in and he's slammin' CNN

Listen to the “Doctor of Common Sense” as he slams the fake news site that is CNN and especially Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper. I love the Doctor’s direct approach to the lying media and he doesn’t pull any punches! – Bude Lepsi

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Don Lemon: Trump's words have him concerned for his safety

The New York Post’s Page Six reports CNN anchor Don Lemon is concerned with safety, following President Donald Trump’s rhetoric about him.

He said, “The one thing that makes me nervous in this environment is safety. 110 more words