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Don Lemon: When will we finally listen?

CNN’s Don Lemon reacts to the deadly school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, that claimed 10 lives, asking when the US will listen to its students asking for safety and protection in their schools. 8 more words


Showoffs! CNN Employees Script 7 Democrat Talking Points In Less Than 2 Minutes

CNN’s Don Lemon, Ryan Lizza and Laura Coates put their partisanship on display Thursday night when they responded to breaking news by manufacturing seven unique Democrat talking points in under 2 minutes. 422 more words

Don Lemon's boyfriend implied 'liberal' CNN star went easy on pal Avenatti!!

CNN host Don Lemon has been dating Tim Malone since 2017, according to published reports. (Sipa USA)

Don Lemon’s boyfriend told a reporter the CNN star gave Stormy Daniels’ attorney the kid-glove treatment in a Monday interview that followed a blistering expose, and referred to the news network as “liberal media” in a baffling exchange. 439 more words

Sorry, Don Lemon. You are the one that does not know any history....


If someone asks you to focus on an open door and all you do is focus on the cells of a former prison, your physical slavery has converted to a mental and emotional one.and your slavery is continuing. 54 more words

CNN's Don Lemon Discusses Calling Out Trump's Lies and 'Racist' Behavior at Variety Summit

Don Lemon has drawn a thin blue line when it comes to covering the Trump administration: He’s unfollowed the president on Twitter.

The longtime CNN anchor disclosed during a keynote address Friday at… 1,361 more words


Celebrity news: Don Lemon Schools Kanye West: Slaves Were in ‘Real Chains’

The CNN host said Kanye West is ‘embarrassing himself’ because he ‘doesn’t know history.’

CNN host Don Lemon is not amused by Kanye West’s take on slavery. 196 more words

Celebrity News

Panelist: Kanye’s slavery comments are embarrassing

Panelists joined Don Lemon on CNN Tonight to discuss rapper Kanye West’s recent comments saying that slavery “sounds like a choice.”
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