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Daily doodle : masked

Quick doodle of a make up trend that’s been around for awhile.

DOn Nguyen

Desillusion's The Life We Chose

It’s one of my favourite things of inspiration ever. Yes, we’re talking about Desillusion Magazine. Fusing the worlds of street and beach, the collective straight from the shores of France’s surf Mecca of Hossegor pays tribute to the youth & a subculture raised on a surf and/or skateboard. 166 more words


Daily doodle : Practice

Still working on Pablo. I looked back at earlier drawings recently and think I’ve made quite a bit of progress.

DOn Nguyen

Daily doodle : Slabs

Just quickly blocked out some buildings with the paintbrush tips in Sketchbook Pro Mobile.

DOn Nguyen

Daily doodle: Nightlife

Wanted to try doodling a cityscape with the marker brush tool.

DOn Nguyen

Daily doodle: Last resort

I doodled this resort thinking about what Doug Chiang said in his panel at Celebration.  He said a good place took start is to look at familiar things and repurpose them visually- a philosophy George Lucas espouses. 6 more words

DOn Nguyen