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Don Quixote’s Malaysian Adventure

I had planned to just take part in competitions in Singapore and West Malaysia this year. I felt that it would be enough to keep this quixotic old archer sufficiently busy. 366 more words

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Bakhtin's Chronotopos

Bakhtin’s Chronotopos
Thursday Thoughts
13 April 2017

This note is an adjunct to Dr. Margaret Sorick’s piece, The Novelist’s Pen, that I re-blogged yesterday. The author, Dr. 1,209 more words

Truth & Lies

Truth and Lies or Verisimilitude
Wednesday Workshop
05 April 2017

Miguel de Cervantes comes at truth and lies from a slightly different angle than most of us. 755 more words


Motivation, Oh, Motivation

Motivation, Oh, Motivation…

What motivates you to face your day? What challenges you to focus on your success? What prompts you to consider your next step? 465 more words

Morning Thoughts

Don Quixote | Love and Humor


You realize you’ve spent at least the last 5 years chasing and fighting windmills.

At least.

C. Peter Wagner - The Don Quixote of Evangelicalism (Part 1): Knighted as a General.

Charles Peter Wagner is famous for leading what is known as the New Apostolic Reformation.

Wagner was one of the most influential heretical figures last century in evangelicalism, encouraging Christians to convert to his NAR movement. 1,539 more words

New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

Don Quixote, Sancho, and Pockets

There were three of them sitting around a table at a diner. Don Quixote, Sancho and Pockets were sitting around a table in a diner that served good ice-cream, they had discovered; but not strawberry ice-cream they had discovered, to their disappointment. 197 more words