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Mind the Gap

Australian Don Ritchie was a decorated hero, but his heroics were of a very unusual variety. 351 more words


Australian man has saved lives for 50 years

Don Ritchie was a man like no other. He was literally saving lives. Living next to the Gap, in Sydney Australia Ritchie has rescued over 160 people from killing themselves, although his family claims that it was around 400 people. 147 more words

Good People

Even if you fail, keep trying.

You could say this man failed, but I wouldn’t. The people that jumped made their decision, and if he didn’t keep going back, a lot more would have died. 28 more words


The Gap, Sydney. 1882.

In Sydney there is a place called The Gap. It seems a beautiful place, the sea crashes against rocky ledges, with cliffs rising above. Unfortunately, it is a place with a sad history. 199 more words

Old Newspapers

Don Ritchie - R.I.P.

Don Ritchie, The Angel of The Gap, has passed away


Angel of The Gap

He looks out at the sparkling sea

and drinks his morning cup of tea… 131 more words