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The Union Publisher Don Rogers misleads his readers

“Seems a couple of offended local bloggers would like their readers to think the presentation was some kind of failure,” The Union Publisher Don Rogers writes this week, defending the sophomoric panel on “fake news” that his newspaper sponsored with a self-serving column. 279 more words

Social media is more believable than The Union columnist George Boardman

You can’t make this stuff up!  “Much of the reporting about crime on Facebook and other outlets is rumor, half-truths, innuendo and a failure to put any of the ‘facts’ in proper context,” writes The Union’s weekly columnist George Boardman. 111 more words

Two published corrections in two weeks from The Union columnist Boardman — this time on Measure "B" for our schools

We find this gem buried at the bottom of  paid weekly columnist George Boardman’s (AKA “Bored Georgeman’s”) column on Monday morning (October 31) in The Union newspaper, stemming from an inaccurate, embarrassing and uninformed rant against Measure “B,” a needed initiative to upgrade our schools (and support our youth): 183 more words