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We Need Time Machines

Time machines would assist us deciding which stocks to buy

If we had a time machine in March of 2009 and set if for September 2018, we could select the best stocks to buy. 764 more words

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Business Life Insurance

The purposes

Two days ago I talked about life insurance and its two purposes. Protect and create. Yesterday I talked about objective reality. Let’s look at how it goes when a founder passes on. 536 more words

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Objective Review

Plans require objective review

The 3Rs of planning require that you record events related to your plan, periodically review them, and revise. Act on what you find. 583 more words

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Insurance Does Two Things

People think strange thoughts

  • Insurance is too expensive
  • Life insurance is like betting against the home team
  • Any other investment would be better
  • My business is worth enough for my family to get along…
  • 292 more words
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Disability Insurance

Denied Claims

I have noticed with some interest the huge number of radio ads regarding lawyers who will fix your denied disability claim. For individual policies the payout rate exceeds 90%. 679 more words

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"I Don't Know" Is The Key To Growth

I don’t know

People who think they know everything are very restricted in their ability to grow. Be very careful of thinking you know things. The key could be this thought from Penn Gilette… 607 more words

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Good Advice Can Be Wrong For You

People decide incorrectly

I have noticed that Berkshire has about $120 billion of cash. Does that mean Buffett and his crowd are assuming the market will crash? 507 more words

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