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Preparation For A Specific Task

Exam writing

One would think that having done all the homework, having paid careful attention in class, and having found ways to apply the material would be enough to do well on an exam. 680 more words

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Stumbling On Happiness


I came on a Dan Gilbert quote today and it stirred me to resurrect some of his ideas. I have been a fan of his since reading “Stumbling on Happiness” ten years ago. 464 more words

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Life Is Like High School

High school

For some the best time of your life. Others not so much. It was chaotic, organized, and unknowable all at the same time. Some made it work. 466 more words

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Details Cannot Lead You To Perfect

No one can manage the details.

The Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago recently published a piece about factor investing. They say there are 300 currently known factors that influence the future price of a security. 196 more words

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Think Process And Outcome Will Follow

Father’s Day has passed once again.

I hope everyone enjoyed or at least had good memories. Fathering is a process. It is one that requires foresight, reasonable skill, and an ability to learn and change the path. 395 more words

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Nature Has Its Own Speed

The speed limit is part of the problem

Most processes have within them a speed limit. A farmer cannot plant corn in May and expect a harvest in June. 677 more words

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Going Fast Is Not The Whole Answer

Velocity or speed

Every science student has been ordered to know the difference between speed and velocity. Speed is scalar. Just a number. Velocity has the same number but with a vector for direction. 517 more words

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