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The Mother Problem - part one

There is a bundle of correspondence from 1958 in which Leonard, Don and Geoff (Alec’s father and uncles) are trying to resolve the issue of where their mother, Emily, should live. 610 more words


Nothing Happens, Deliciously

Review: Glosa (The Sixty-Five Years of Washington) by Juan José Saer

The author’s title means something like: Commentary. I like it better, the English translator was hoping for sales I guess. 455 more words


Salvos por gracia

“Porque por gracia sois salvos por medio de la fe; y esto no de vosotros, pues es don de Dios; no por obras para que nadie se gloríe.” Efesios 2:8-9

Efesios 2:8-9


Don: I’m funny drunk.

Ally: I’m sleepy drunk.

Me: I’m ratchet drunk.

Ally: Okay, so we’re the holy trinity.

Don: I don’t like the term dad bod, I prefer father figure.

Zoe: I am going to vomit on you.

Michigan State's new alternates were made by Stevie Wonder MY BLOG:

(via twitter @MSUFootball)

These are complete and utter trash. Neon green is a tough color to make it look good, and this is not it chief. 178 more words


Don: I bruise easily too. In the summer, my legs get all bruised and it’s the most unattractive thing.

Me: No, the most unattractive thing is racism.