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Debbie: My Life Review (Abridged Audiobook)

Debbie Reynolds is a remarkable woman—there’s no other way of saying it. If anyone else had accomplished what she had before she turned 30, they’d consider it a successful life. 296 more words


Review -- Singin' in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain (1952) is one of my mom’s favorite movies, but the last time I had seen it was probably when I was five or younger. 542 more words

Daily Dose

Out to Sea (1997)


Park your brains, oldsters, this is a film of charm, creaking style and lame jokes. And it knows it, and sambas its way though them with a wink and a clumsy guffaw. 617 more words


You Know What's A Really Good Musical With A Man Singing And Dancing In The Rain?

Although, I generally like most kinds of movies, I’m not a big fan of musicals. There are a few I enjoy, but as a genre the musical usually leaves me cold. 1,111 more words


Movie Soundtrack song of the day

“You’re the Top”. We’ve all heard it said, but how many of us actually ever saw the movie that had the song in it? Well? 118 more words


47 Great Movie Moments #16 – Singin' in the Rain (Part 2)

Continuing with this series of 47 moments in film that I love (Why 47?), today we hit #16, not with a sequel to… 454 more words