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Top 12 Encouraging Quotes/Songs of The Week

Here are my top 12 quotes and songs I would like to share with everyone that has encouraged me and kept me going lately. :-) Enjoy! 129 more words

Donald Trump, next Republican to throw his hat in the ring?

The Donald played with the idea of running for Prez many times in the past before but didn’t actually go for it. This time, I think he really is going for it… 26 more words


How To Eat Successfully (Part 3)

My name is John Francais Callahan. I’ve participated in human trafficking on multiple yachts owned by three different Bush’s. I write to you, the weaker, lesser man, with a few rules to follow that could help you become better than whatever you’re trying to be now. 504 more words


Guess Their Home Planets

Ben Carson is afraid. That’s not unusual for a Conservative, since fear is the primary thing that motivates them to action of any kind. But in Carson’s case’s case that fear is not warranted by anything happening on this planet. 1,114 more words


John Legere vs Donald Trump

.@JohnLegere T-Mobile service is terrible! Why can't you do something to improve it for your customers. I don't want it in my buildings.

— Donald J.

330 more words

T-Mobile CEO Mobilizes Out Of Trump Hotel

CNET reports that T-Mobile CEO John Legere apparently got in a war of Tweets with Donald Trump after being dissatisfied with his stay at a Trump hotel in New York.   206 more words


Donald Trump: I don't want T-Mobile in my hotels

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Donald Trump might have met his match.

The Donald and the CEO of T-Mobile became embroiled in an epic Twitter battle this weekend, in which Trump said he wanted T-Mobile out of his establishments. 231 more words