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Physical.. My Favorite!

I would fly out to Houston the afternoon before my physical and fly back the next day after the physical was over. Taylor already agreed to take me to the airport and my mom said she would meet me in Houston. 699 more words

Heart Strong

I had the first of 8 routine follow up appointments yesterday: Heart Transplant.

Great news: my heart is well with no evidence of rejection. There was no need for any adjustments to my anti-rejection regimen, and my labs were all normal. 252 more words

Late Effects

Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness: Be Seen in Green Day!

Hello my readers! Today is Friday, April 21st. It’s no ordinary day, according to The Living Legacy Foundation. Living Legacy and Donate Life set today to be something called “Be Seen in Green Day” (although with Donate Life, it’s “Be Seen in Blue and Green Day”) where people wear green in order to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation. 770 more words

Be Seen In Green

Help For A Friend

Two posts in a week…y’all try not to panic.

This is going to be a short one too.

I want to ask y’all for help. Not for me, but for a friend. 234 more words


The Second Call!

“2 month countdown starts today!”

That is the text I receive from Carrie after I give my 6 vials of blood. Once a potential donor is called and completes additional blood testing, the patient’s doctor has 60 days to decide to go forward with bone marrow collection or to decide the donor is not the best option. 458 more words

Blood Draw Day!

I hated getting the annual physical to go to school/play sports. I would ALWAYS ask my mom “Are they going to take my blood?” “Do I have to get a shot this year?” and she would always answer, “I don’t know, Kayla.” But she did know. 1,018 more words

Additional Testing

Carrie and I talk for quite sometime. I let her know how pumped I am that I’m a match, but also how shocking it is. She tells me the odds of getting a call that you are a potential match (don’t remember) and also lets me know that generally there is only a 25% chance that after I do further testing that I will get another call. 371 more words