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Tis the Season: Ways to Give, Without Buying Presents.

Tis the season for giving gifts. There is pressure from everywhere to go out and buy things, and ask people to buy you things. It’s a big commercial push everywhere you look–it is unavoidable. 1,313 more words


Scrapy Sewing Weather

Scrap sewing when the weather is cold, snowy and rainy. It’s a wonderful time to use up my stash for the good of others. I recently got these reversible adult clothing protectors done for a local assisted living / life care center.   100 more words


Thank You!!!

Thanks to https://louisefowler.com/ for the kind donation to my site! How unexpected and generous of you! Thank you!

I accept any donations that help support this community.





Like so many of others, I am thinking about gifts this season. The gifts that I still need to magically find, maybe even the gifts that I might get. 506 more words


And I Take a Step Back

The blog has been full of a lot of pity parties this month. Or since I decided to just sit down and write my personal feelings and life, and whatever else I want. 356 more words


dude. i need a breather.

as i am sure the most of you could relate to at the moment, the holiday season is killing me slowly.  the combination of shopping for holiday gifts, trying to find the money to purchase FOOD, and completing all my schoolwork before break is exhausting.   146 more words