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Teacher Workday Lunch - Monday, June 13th

The PTO is planning lunch for the teachers and staff on Monday, June 13th. This event will be for all staff members of Exploris and will be held at the Elementary School. 67 more words


Euthanasia Awareness blog #5

Euthanasia Stories

The story I am writing about today is about a man who euthanizes animals for a living via gas chamber. He goes on to talk about how every one thinks he’s a terrible person and how he also hates his job and what he has to do to these poor animals. 281 more words


A Call For Togetherness

Twenty first century and the modern world is teaching us the lesson of dehumanisation. Wars and Crisis. No matter where you’re based, you be happy because you’re alive. 699 more words


Euthanasia Awareness Blog #4

Euthanasia Stories

This is what a manager of a shelter said when he got interviewed “I think our society needs a huge “Wake-up” call”. He would then go on to say you should think about what the toll on the animal will be if you send them to the shelter. 245 more words


Day to day life

Every year, around the first of January, I make a plan. I set myself specific goals for that year, and I do my very best to achieve them. 557 more words


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Lose to win - Week 18

Diet wise, I’ve been good this week.

Except the couple of cakes I’ve eaten at work.  Apart from that I’ve been good.

Oh and the night with friends from work a leaving do.  266 more words

Fund Raising

Euthanasia Awareness Blog #3

Cruel Practices

There are several physical methods used in animal euthanasia. These methods include shooting, electrocution, decompression, and injections. The problems with shooting an animal is the potential for extreme pain, if the person shooting the gun isn’t competent, if the animal is struggling or if the bullet is deflected and the animal survives. 263 more words