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Funding We Need

We are in need of unexpected funding as soon as possible,

due to the rapid onset of the movement. 

Our campaign needs are as follows:  471 more words

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Are There Any Extreme Couponers Out There?


A little over a year ago, my daughter and I saw this show called Extreme Couponing (I’m sure this is nothing new to anyone). 486 more words


Yesterday, I had the chance to go into my son’s room to declutter, since he was visiting his grandparents. He is starting school soon, and there are probably clothes that are too small and games that we can donate, just to make a little room for some new stuff. 437 more words

Call To Action

Smiling in the Face of Cancer

Lisette Garcia, left, with Donovan, Paula and Angel.

In the vast, sprawling metropolis of Mexico City there lives a little girl named Paula. She is 8 years old, and in many ways she is just like other 8-year-old children. 904 more words


Ronovan's Hard Drive Crumble - update

Would you forgo 2 coffees to help a friend?

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny Australian winter’s day, and then I saw the emails from Indiegogo.  353 more words

Living Life

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Hi everyone. Here is an appeal for some help. Many of you know Ronovan, from Ronovanwrites. As far as I am concerned if it wasn't for Ronovan then I'd probably no longer be blogging and writing. He has given me huge amounts of support over the time I been here on WordPress and I know he also gives many of you the same support. Now it's our turn to help Ronovan and show him our support. Please read Florence's post and donate what you can so we can get Ronovan a new laptop. If each of my followers donates £1 each, then we will smash through that target and get Ronovan back online really quickly. Please help by donating towards the fund that Florence has set up. It is very quick and easy to donate and I know just how supportive we all are towards other bloggers. Thank you very much for your support. Best wishes, Hugh

Mission Adventures: [Arizona State University]

You might think to yourself, “Mission trip in the states?” I would say “Absolutely!” Having served as a campus missionary for 3 years on a college university I can tell you there is great need in our nation, and especially amongst our college students to hear the message of the gospel in Spirit, and in truth. 425 more words


Three in a tuk-tuk

Three nineteen-year-old explorers are gallantly travelling the length of India to raise funds for three charities: The Waterberg Trust, Save the Waterberg Rhino and Cool Earth. 181 more words