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Let's Talk About The Windrush Scandal.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve heard briefly about the Windrush generation but I don’t properly know what it’s about. I thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to educate myself, and share what I’ve found with others who also don’t understand this subject. 596 more words


Somdech's Longtail

Yes, you must be wondering what’s all this about ‘Somdech’s Longtail’ so pardon the pun, but a ‘longtail’ is a boat, but we’ll come back to that later. 2,106 more words

#BlackHillsBailFund Link

Donate to the land defenders of the sacred Black Hills that rightfully belong to the Dakota’s, Lakota’s, and Nakota’s.

Here’s the link if you want to DONATE to the Black Hills Bail Fund

Remain peaceful and donate peace

Baba says, ‘you have to serve through your mind‘. For that, your mind needs to be free.

If my mind is entangled in a hundred different things, then it cannot be an instrument to serve others. 686 more words

The Self And The Supreme


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most employees are now required to work from home. I was included to those lucky employees. Working from home and mostly staying in my room, I realized that I need to do some improvements. 184 more words

A Step For The Better.

What goes on in my life is important, yes, there’s shit I need to cope with and learn how to not let past trauma guide me and have an identity that is not attached to the trauma. 87 more words

Support small business and artists

Many small business could use much support. Groovymooddesigns LLC is a small business operated by Janelle Dey. We do everything ourselves, marketing, sales, products! For us to provide you with quality artwork you can donate today which helps us to supply for more content for you! 45 more words