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Photo Finish

I’m pretty much done with the photos. I just have to send them away for digitizing. Also I got rid of a box full of cook books, again. 22 more words


Remembering the little school

I’ve been waiting for photographs but need to keep up to date. Last week I came across a comment to the prime minister of India. I read it and my heart broke for the chakma children who were going hungry and needing support . 184 more words

Draining Away

Got another visit that took one of my folding beds for 15 Euro and some decorative wine glasses. It’s like good folk putting away some stuff from day to day.


Picture Puzzle for the Young

Yesterday I met somebody to fetch an antique hot-water bag of mine. He even travelled from our neighboring administrative district to get it. I saw people selling that item as low as five euro on the internet, so I decided to give it away just for free. 91 more words


Tip of the Day: Donate!

Today I didn’t do anything, but give away a garden hose and a crib. The guy who fetched the latter told me it was for a poor family he knew. 74 more words


Tip of the Day: Swap!

A friend of mine visited me and gave me his old blue-ray player and two pots to replace my crappy ones. I gave him a box of teddy bears. 9 more words


Paperwork Update

I managed to find some more paper to put outside. I haven’t checked if it was fetched, but I guess so. And I forgot a box. 17 more words